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RV220W - Content Filtering and Tivo

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After using an RV220W in the Office fdr some time I decided to upgrade my old WRVS4400N V1 with one - in line with Cisco recommendations. I am using the latest firmware

One problem I have is that a Tivo device will not connect to its contect servers in the outside world when any Content Filtering is active. I have tried setting up a firewall rule to give complete outbound access for the device for all services but that did not help. The only thing that allows the Tivo to connect properly is to either turn off Content filtering completely  - in which case some of the router protection is lost, or to select some other port in the HTTP port selection box (I tried port 79) - in which case content protection functionality on port 80 is also lost. I have also tried turning off (deselecting) all the other content filtering options but the device can still cannot connect if Content Filtering is enabled.

It seems to me that setting a firewall rule to allow ALL outbound from the device should be enough to allow connection. What is Content Filtering doing that prevents this device from connecting? And why can't I override it with the firewall rules? This seems to be the same as an old thread many releases of firmware ago:   RV220W - Connecting to TiVo mothership w/ ProtectLink

Why is this the only router that seems to have this problem? Will it cause other issues?

If this is because of some internal behaviour of the ruleset then Content Filtering needs to be able to be excluded for a "trusted" internal IP address.


David Wyatt

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