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RV220W - IP address query -

Level 1
Level 1

Looking at the log I see quite a bit of traffic for IP address

There is no such device apparent on the network. I have looked at "Available local network hosts" and there is no such device. If I PING the device I get "Reply from Destination host unreachable".

Does anyone know what this may be? Is it an internal refection of the wireless port?

thanks in advance,


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Tom Watts
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I've had this happen when I use (but have it turned off) a syslog or TFTP program, it creates the virtual socket.

An example would be:

My computer usually uses DHCP. However, I want to monitor something today. I enable TFTPD32 and set a static IP on my computer then set the program to use the static IP of my computer. After I'm done, I do not clear the program, go back to DHCP.  The result creates a "phantom" IP address.

I suppose this can happen under a bunch of scenarios. This just happens to be one I've observed and got annoyed enough to investigate.

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