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RV220w - Still supported?

I have an rv220w that I wish I had returned last year when I could have. I am running the latest official firmware and am very frustrated with Cisco. It has been over a year since this has been releassed and basis functions like UPNP still do not work correctly. If Cisco is not going to support the product they should give anyony who would like to exchange for something they do support a credit for the cost of the rv220w.


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Tom Watts
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VIP Alumni

Hello Keith, the RV220W is still supported and active. Do you have any prior or current service request numbers?


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No I don't. I should not need a support ticket for something that has been a known issue for the past year.

Keith try the latest beta firmware and see what it is like for you.

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I am not interested in being a beta tester or running beta firmware. I thought with a Cisco product I would get top of the line support. 9 months since the last firmware that still has a two page list of known issues is not what I expected. the Linksys e4200 that costs half the price has received more support from Cisco.

Explain to me how my expectations are unreasonable. If it takes them a year to fix bugs because of the open source documentation requirements they need to hire someone for that (funny since they keep laying off employees) or change to a different OS.

This is what I took from the thread about the firmware release... It was in a reply to someone 'complaining' about the small amount of fixes...

streaves wrote:


Definitely not EOL. Watch for a Maintenance Release in first half of 2012 (maybe sooner).

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We're now way beyond the first half of 2012... and still no new firmware...

Where do I get that latest beta firmware?

Call the SBSC and aske for level 2 tech support because you want to obtain the latest beta firmware version for the RV220W.

For those who do not want to go through the process of getting beta firmware, RV220W firmware is on track to be released officially. The firmware should be live on within a week.

Rejoice! We are finally getting a new official release!

We should have a party and alert the media!

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Where is it ?

The ex-beta firmware has been released as the new official firmware.

Level 1
Level 1

Beta is far better than the official release of a year ago. It supports all the features the router was advertised to support in the first place but never did.

I don't understand cisco, is it really worth to sell the routers (for small business) for which they cannot do a decent firmware? none of the tested (firmware) is not suitable for normal operation (normal - I mean those for which it was created and those which are in the specification) .. seriously, it's sad


I'm complaining, I know and I'm sorry but I'm crushed by problems that I have with rv220w and by the lack of news about a new firmware on the horizon