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RV320/325 IP-to-MAC Binding Table Entry Limit

Level 1
Level 1

I am very keen to use a tweak proposed by stuartprice99 in This edit to the config.exp configuration file was confirmed as a success by another poster, Pedantus1. This fix is specifically aimed at overcoming the 30-entry limit to the IP-to-MAC Binding Table for this router. Despite what the Datasheet and Admin Guide say (limit is 100), a telephone call to Cisco Support yesterday confirmed that as at v1.2.1.14 firmware, it remains at 30. However the technician did add that a fix to this in a firmware release due in March will finally sort this critical shortcoming of the product.

Another confusing fact was clarified for me... namely that while Backup Mirror Configuration results in a Mirror.config file (CORRECT), Backup Startup Configuration results in a config.exp file (WRONG according to support documents, but confirmed as CORRECT by Support). I thought it to be Startup.config! Confusing or what! And there are other anomolies too.

Despite following stuartprice99's workaround, I have so far failed to add dummy entries. Easy to reach 30, but any attempt to go higher gets an error warning. If I use WordPad to edit the relevant config(x).exp file, and attempt to Restore, I get "Bad configuration file! Please input a correct file!" With Notepad it's "Critical failure. Contact Support".

Despite posting to threads on this topic, no help has been forthcoming. I need way over 30 entries ASAP. If either of these Cisco users read this, please either reply here, or by email. My email address is in My Profile.

I feel I am tantalisingly close to getting my RV325 to perform exactly as I need. This tweak is important to me. Meantime I hope the suggestion that a fix could eventually be official is good news to users of these router models.


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