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RV320 limits IP & MAC Binding to 30 entries

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I have a new RV320 with firmware installed. I have a small business network with about 45-50 devices on it all configured for DHCP from the router. I want to reserve all the MAC addresses to DHCP provided IP address and be able to enable the Block Mac Address features for unknown and wrong IPs.

Firmware .19 is working fine for this but is limiting me to 30 entries as the attached screen snip shows. The documentation for the RV320 states it should be up to 100. Limiting it to 30 is not allowing me to enable the Block Mac Address features like I would like.

The router came with an earlier firmware out of the box but I updated to before doing any configuration other than plugging it in. I do not know if the previous firmware limited the IP & Mac Binding to 30 as well or not.

Has anyone else run into this issue or is it a known bug and I didn't find it in the forum?


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Unfortunately I have only managed a few minutes with this today. But yes, there was a typo! '99' instead of '19' in the last octet of a MAC entry. Fixed it, saved, and chose the file for a Restore. 'Bad config file" error again. Repeated it several times, and then was foolish enough to check the box under the error message to suppress further dialogue. Now I do not get the message at all of course, but even repeating the edits to get back to 30 entries fails, albeit without the message. No restore, no reboot.

Anyone know how to re-enable this message?

I suspect that now I am familiar with the device and its GUI, I may just do a Reset to Factory settings, and do it all again, buy slowly checking for typos very carefully at each step.

N Lim, many thanks for 80 as the potential limit. 50 will do for me! So my confidence grows that this can be fixed with a bit of patience.

How does one trigger a sort by ascending IP?

Also - just to confirm you can reorder the IP list if you like - nice if you like to keep your devices in sequential order according to IP address. Just reorder in the config file before you upload.

My RV325 IP & MAC Bindings already seem to be sorted by IP Address.  I might someday change it (manually, via backup/edit/restore) using your suggestion to sort by Name.  I wouldn't mind being able to just click on the heading in the GUI to change the sort...

Hi stuartprice99
Finally got your workaround to do the biz!
By dint of very painstaking and somewhat tedious step-by-step configuration of my RV325 yet again from its Factory Reset state, I have now confirmed that while a config.exp file can be opened and viewed using WordPad, as long as no edits are done, the RV can import and Restore from this file. But make any change, and "Bad configuration file!" error appears. Not good.
With Notepad, the config.exp file is at least legible on the display, but becomes gobbledegook when edited. So my issue, as suspected by you, me and others is text editor related. But not a typo!
Following rvatalaro's lead as a guy who also got this text edit workaround to the Binding Table's 30-entry limit to deliver, I downloaded and installed NotePad++ v6.9. Then Edit with NotePad++, just a single binding entry at first, saved the file, and the router restored from it just fine. Repeated the experiment this time with 32 entries (including a "real" entry for my Dell), copying and pasting over "dummy" data from my earlier abortive work of a week or two ago. Works fine. Conventional attempts to now add in another line of text using the official GUI get rebuffed of course, but is obviously going to be fine using this simple text editor technique. My PC gets allocated its correct Reserved IP, which happens to lie outwith the Pool Range previously defined in the DHCP | DHCP Setup pane. So far so good.
[Edit: Another Edit with NotePad++, and now my table is sitting with 50 entries, 49 of them "dummy" and Disabled for now.]
I post my success to encourage others who may be in a similar state of frustration as I was, and also to thank Community users for their help.
Having now tried it, copy & paste from a Word table of IPs, MACs and Names for each and every client on my LAN, which I prepared yesterday, is quick and easy. Should help reduce the chance of typos should I ever have to repeat this exercise!
Oh, the answer to my browser access problems into the RV when I was having to log in constantly some weeks back, is to run using Mozilla Firefox, not Chrome. Uncluttered, works a treat for this.
So tomorrow will probably see me build a table of "real" data so that when the RV325 gets swapped for real with my present RVS4000 some time soon, every item of hardware should end up with exactly the same IP Address as it has now. Except it will be on a different subnet!
And then once my new network equipment has all been installed and my Sonos whole house distributed audio system is finished, the settings will all change again to conform to my (some would say OCD) final Sonos_Zone-to-IP-to-Switch_Port naming convention. Already all edited into my Word table. Easy!
I believe the RV325 itself cannot be used to sort Binding Table entries according to IP or Name. But Stuart says "Just reorder in the config file before you upload", and I see that NotePad++ can be used to do this sort before the config.exp file is imported. Stuart, can you please outline how one does this so that the block of text under [STATIC_IP] can be sorted according to a data column, e.g IP, as I will probably want to do it?

Glad to hear it worked out! I suspected that the editor may have somehow corrupted the file header or something. Anyway - thanks for detailing that issue.

As for re-ordering the binding list i'm afraid it is just done with manual cut and pasting.... Once my IP list was somewhat complete with all my network devices i just cut and pasted lines around the [STATIC_IP] chunk of text until it was in the desired order. Whatever order this section of the config file is in is the order it will appear in the binding list.

I have noticed other issues sometimes in the GUI, for example in creating multiple DHCP pools for different VLANS, or when setting up VPN - i would get warnings about overlapping IP ranges when it simply wasn't true. Again in this instance manual editing of the config.exp file allowed me to override that and get the correct configuration going.

Hi stuartprice99. Basically my RV325 30-entry Binding Table limit issue is now solved. Thanks to the combined efforts of yourself, rvatalaro and with Pedantus1's reassurance that your workaround does work. So I persevered!

As I said earlier in this thread, I took the time to prepare a Word table which spans some 56 entries across two pages. Some devices are to go, so the final tally looks to be 48 or so. There are six columns of data. Each line has the following fields for each client:-

Host Name (RVS4000)... this column lists the client' Name for my present Cisco router, using the device name as it is today.

MAC Address... states the obvious!

IP (RVS4000 now)... pretty simple!

IP (RV325 temp)... this column is exactly the same as the previous one, except the subnet is now *.30 and NOT *.20 as it is now.

IP (RV325 final)... this is the new IP to be assigned to a client once my new router, switch, access points and underfloor wiring are all put in place as my redevelopment goes forward.

Host Name (RV325)... many Names are to change, especially those of my extensive Sonos distributed audio system. Here each Name will eventually reflect the model type, generation, colour, zone number, plus L or R for a stereo ZonePlayer e.g. PLAY:5/2W_6L is a PLAY:5 model, 2nd Gen, white in Sonos Zone 6, and it is the Left speaker of a stereo pair. A bit OCD, but it works for me!

The 6th column is basically a Yes/No box. Do I absolutely want/need to have a Reserved IP for this client? Intended to define and prioritise up to 30 entries in case I could not overcome the limit. Academic now, of course!

This Word table was my source of data as I copied & pasted it over into the config.exp file to be imported into the router.

My next step is to carry out a direct swap RVS4000-to-RV325. All IPs should stay exactly as they are now, except the subnet will be different. Then the Virgin Media SuperHub (in Modem mode) and the RV325 are to move to a temporary location to permit extensive building and redecoration works to proceed in an orderly way, with my LAN & WLAN fully functional for the duration.

Finally, my Computer Room is to be stripped back to bare walls and redecorated. During this phase all key computing hardware will move elsewhere, but still connect back to the internet. When the room is ready, everything will then progressively switch back to the Computer Room, but will now be completely rewired from the top to conform to my final IP Binding rules as defined by the table. Now entries in the config.exp file need to be in ascending order based on their new RV325 final IP. I reckon there are three ways to do this:-

1) Manually sort, just like Stuart says here.

2) Use Word to sort the previous table by the IP (RV325 final) column in ascending order, before copy & paste goes ahead for each device.

3) And there is another rather clever technique, detailed in .This works on the config.exp file itself, not an intermediate Word table as I have done it. It uses NotePad++ with the TextFx plugin to do a sort by selected column. The example shown at Catherine's site shows '|' as the column delimiter character. Seems to me looking at a typical config.exp file, that since EVERY client's entries has the same number of characters, except for NAME, then the [STATIC_IP] text block is really already arranged in columns. Using '=' as the delimiter, it also looks like a sort by the final IP Address in ascending order will be dead easy. Anyone care to give it a try?

Method #2 is just fine for me, having done the typing finger work already, so not going to go off at a tangent with TextFx. But maybe Method #3 will prove handy for others!

Oh, and remember N Lim's words of caution. No more than 80 entries to keep your router stable. A firmware fix may appear later this month according to a comment made to me by phone from a UK Cisco Support guy. All our efforts could just be a waste of time. We'll see.

I am now off to carry out the next stage of my project. Good luck everyone!

Norrie603, I see in another post you mentioned the TextFx plugin for Notepad++.  I will look into that.  This should allow me to do the equivalent of the following, which I point out just FYI.

I did not try editing config.exp with vi (one of the UNIX editors, that can be made available if you install cygwin under Windows), but the sort thing can be done within vi.  If your table of bingings are in, say, lines 101-131, then the following command,

:101,131!sort -t"&" -f -k3

would sort by the name (third) field.  Using -k2 would sort by MAC address (second field).  Here is version information on sort.

>sort --version
sort (GNU coreutils) 8.24
Packaged by Cygwin (8.24-3)

This sort has the -V option that looks like it would sort by IP address with -k1.

FYI also, the version of vi is as follows.

VIM - Vi IMproved 7.4 (2013 Aug 10, compiled Oct  8 2015 01:16:48)

rvatalaro, you are obviously into Unix, and comfortable with command line interface access to your utilities. Not for me I am afraid!

TBH, and with a bit of care within NotePad++, I am sure Stuart's manual technique to sort the limited number of Binding Table entries can be carried out by cutting and pasting lines into blank lines edited into config.exp where required. Probably easier than trying to master new software for a one-off application!

Not even going to think of this any more. Off to play with my two new wireless access points. Much more fun!

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Has this been fixed yet?

I have tested the firmware v1.2.1.14 (from 2015-08-13), but the problem is still not fixed.

I have to use the workaround from stuartprice99 (thanks!). But every change in the binding list (also simple changes like enable/disable an address) needs a restart of the router, very annoying.

Pleae report this in your case that's opened with the echnical Services Center.

Pedantus1 - interesting. I still use v1.1.1.19 and can enable/disable without a restart of the router.

Also - i created about 20 'dummy' entries in my binding list, so that when i need to add a device i can just edit one of these and make it active.

I have about 60 entries in the binding list and also about 10 'dummy' entries. But if I just enable or disable one of the entries, than this and some other entries are doubled in the list (with an obscure sorting algorithm). I have not really researched the behavior in this case. Therefore just to be shure, I always edit the config file and reload the configuration to have a clean binding list. That includes a restart.

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I have the same problem with an RV325. I even had my company buy me a new one so I could do all the factory reset and upgrade to the new Firmware (SEE PIC). Today I tried to put the computers into the IP Binding Table and it stopped at 30. What is the deal I thought this was fixed? 

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Does anyone know what fixes?  It says it's not available for download anymore even though it was posted 16 March.

EDIT: Nevermind, the release notes were just published.

This update adds OpenVPN support and increases the IP/MAC binding limit to 80.

Why did they choose 80 as the limit?