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RV320 limits IP & MAC Binding to 30 entries

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I have a new RV320 with firmware installed. I have a small business network with about 45-50 devices on it all configured for DHCP from the router. I want to reserve all the MAC addresses to DHCP provided IP address and be able to enable the Block Mac Address features for unknown and wrong IPs.

Firmware .19 is working fine for this but is limiting me to 30 entries as the attached screen snip shows. The documentation for the RV320 states it should be up to 100. Limiting it to 30 is not allowing me to enable the Block Mac Address features like I would like.

The router came with an earlier firmware out of the box but I updated to before doing any configuration other than plugging it in. I do not know if the previous firmware limited the IP & Mac Binding to 30 as well or not.

Has anyone else run into this issue or is it a known bug and I didn't find it in the forum?


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Probably for the stability of the router as spelled out by N Lim earlier in this thread. Certainly 80 is better than the present 30 limit which is obviously too low for many. Makes little difference to me now, as I have stuartprice99's workaround working well. But I will do the FW update once I have read the release notes.

No idea quite what is happening on this. FW v1.3.1.10 was available, as were the relevant release notes, but the Download website is currently back to showing v1.2.1.14 as the latest revision. Must be a bug or something! I have it installed on my own RV325, and it certainly handles up to 80 entries in its IP-to-MAC Binding Table. But I have not yet swapped it for my aged RVS4000, although I do intend to do so when I can find the time.

Anyone from Cisco SMB Support care to comment?

See also the thread at which suggests there is a VPN  issue with v1.3.1.10.

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I can confirm that after stepping away from using the RV320 for about 18 month while waiting for firmware updates - v1.3.1.12 resolves the 2 main issues I was having. After doing a factory reset and updating to I can now enter more than 30 IP & MAC Binding entries. Currently into the 60s. And an older Xbox 360 no longer has UPnP issues and intermittent dropping from Xbox Live. So I am back to using the RV320 as my primary firewall/router. Thanks.

This is probably "coming late to the party" but I'm hoping that someone can shed current light on the problem.

We've a RV325 that was constantly dropping its LAN IP address requiring turn off/turn on to fix so purchased a replacement RV345.

We knew about the weird Static DHCP limit on the RV325 but hoped that it would go away with the RV345.  Fat chance!

What was done on the new RV345:

1. Reset to factory.

2. Updated firmware from to

3. Setup the new RV345 with pretty much the same settings as the old RV325.

4. Setup a critical Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel.

5. Entered in a few devices into the Static DHCP Table.

6. Tested VPN Tunnel and DHCP - all appeared to be okay.

7. Continued to enter devices into the Static DHCP Table okay until we hit 30 entries.

8. Were unable to add  past 30.

9. Even after deleting 10 entries from the Static DHCP Table, we were unable to add additional entries.

10. Deleted all Static DHCP Table devices but were still unable to add new devices until the RV345 was rebooted.

Does anyone have any idea how to get past the 30 device limit in the RV345?

We need to be able to enter at least 75 devices into the the Static DHCP Table.

Thanks in advance for the assist.