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RV340-Webfilter licensing

Hi Everyone,


Can anyone help me how to purchase a license with the webfilter of the rv340 small business?

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Level 1
Level 1

Please note that K9 is free for home use. Businesses, government agencies, and other organizations are required to purchase licenses to use K9. If you are trying to obtain K9 for an organization, please visit our website and click the appropriate link on our home page to contact us with your order inquiry.

I run a RV340 at home also.  Can you be a little more specific?    What link are we looking for to click?

Please note that K9 has nothing to do with the licensing. The K8 and K9 designators in a Cisco Product number refers to unrestricted (K8) and restricted (K9) encryption in context of Export Compliance. K9 is strong encryption. See the link I provided for licensing on the RV340. Hope this helps.

Max Harbin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

@Max Harbin wrote:

Here is the Link for The RV340 Licensing Quick Start Guide: 

@Max Harbin This link is dead?  I thought maybe it rev'd, but I can't find it, via search, either?


Does this (lost) document show how to sign up for a Smart License, for home use, and enable the rest of the RV340 features?


I know I started walking through this several months ago, but was "blocked" by my lack of a fully-qualified business domain name (which I don't have, because I'm using it as a load-balanced router, at home...).


ANY help here would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks.

 The link works for me...strange. I attached the document. In it are the links to Smart acct info. to help you get started there. Let me dig a little deeper about the domain identifier item. I know it's based on the email. Let me check and see how you need to enter the information there.

Here is how to create a Smart Acct using a Public Domain email. Hope this helps you.