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RV345 Firmware update issue


Hi to all, 

I just update my RV345 router to the latest firmware. After that, the firmware update icon continue blinking with a warning message "Download firmware fail. Please try it again later."

I checked the firmware version and all is fine, but the signature file is wrong. I've tried to update, but an alert popup "

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This is a show stopper bug.

Nobody would fly a brand new plane where the engine checklight is on
all the time.

I've asked for a model up from this to be overnighted to me and I will send
your defective unit back. They can refuse this. But their response helps
guide future decisions.

May to August this bug has been treated with silence and lack of
transparency from Cisco. The fact the QA process missed this bug makes me
think Cisco staff and family don't use the product sold to customers.

There should be a public bug database where customers can track this.

Signed J

I couldn't agree more - you buy Cisco because you need something that works. People who buy Cisco are not worrying about the price tag. They really dropped the ball letting this bug out and then ignoring it for so long, still now without any official fix or update.


It makes me think it is a rebranded or white-labelled 3rd party product and not produced by Cisco's own team (this is a common thing these days). Though perhaps that gives Cisco too much credit, as it assumes they wouldn't have done this badly themselves.


Bugs happen. Unavoidable. But they should be caught in pre-release update tests, and if not then at least fixed quickly. None of that happened here and it remains a problem for many.

Thank you Salty. Exactly. Bugs happen, but someone in May did a great job
to fully document the bug with screen shots. Within 24 hours cisco should
have replied that they could or could not follow those steps, and if
reproduced reply with a bug tracking number and URL.

Cisco owes me a lot of time for the day this week when I unboxed this
router and struggled and gave up, then googled it, then had to call and go
through some major gatekeeping call center baloney.

I was going to buy another one like this but I might just go with another
brand that does dual wan ports. Any suggestions anyone? I need just 2
lan ports and 2 wan ports that can do load balancing or fall back. to wan
port 2 if wan port 1 fails.

signed J

J - this post may be deleted as this is a Cisco forum, but Draytek do some low-cost but very functional routers that do exactly what you need. I’ve used them a lot in the past and never had any issues with them, one of them has been in live operation for 9 years and still doing its job just fine.

I’d much rather be recommending this Cisco router but I have not been impressed at all. Even the web management interface is poor (even after they updated it, which actually made it a little worse in my opinion).


I have this same bug.  I've read all the responses and I don't see a clear solution. 

I would expect a clear reply from Cisco.  I also purchased Cisco trying to avoid this type bug I would expect from a non Cisco hardware company.   Very sad to unbox a new router at this price, then have this bug out of the box.  It's costing me a major delay and consulting time. 

I had the same problem and opened a support case. As a workaround, installing the signatures from the PC or through an USB stick worked. Finally, I got the response that this an already known bug and can be tracked here:

So hopefully this will be fixed in the next firmware release... 


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