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rv345 licenses web filtering and application control

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HI I got this router from an IT company the best i can do is just check if someone actuallly have the same problem ...I need to buy two new licenses for this router ..becuase Im out of compliance .(this is just for application control and web filtering)  .I been calling cisco ..and they foward my call to partner that actually dont know what types of licenses do i need please can someone point me in the right direction finish this ..this is crazy so difficult to get a cisco licenses to make this router work ...uffff

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Ingrid Aragon
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I am sorry for the hard time you are experiencing, all the Cisco Partners should be familiar with the type of license needed by the customers, in this case, you can share your concern with Cisco Customer Service - 800 553 6387.


However, find below the information you need.

License name: Security license

Product ID: LS-RV34X-SEC-1YR

I found the license on the CDW page > Click here to be redirected to CDW.


Note: If you purchase the license online you will need to create your SmartAccount >


I will strongly suggest contacting CDW to receive support to create your SmarAccount and associate the license to your account.


Do not hesitate to let me know if any further assistance is needed.




I recently bought a rv340 router for personal/private use. Now I am unsure about the status "unregistered" and "evaluation mode" on the licenses page in my router.


I already have browsed your support community for a while and found these threads:



Based on these threads and documents I come to the conclusion that I do not need to register my router or buy a license in order to use my cisco rv340 router.

I do only have to register and buy licenses if

  • I want to connect to the router by using the cisco anyconnect client
  • I want to use advanced web and application security features

Could you please confirm if I got that wright?


Could you please explain which of the functions(application control wizzard, application control, web filtering, content filtering, ip source guard) in the security menu are "advanced" and which are "basic ", and therefore useable without security license?


Thanks in advance and best Regards



Yes Sr your complete right ..In not a Cisco expert ..but ..web filtering save you a lot of headache as well as application control ...dependents of the environment your planning to use your router ..right now your router is running a temporary licenses for those tab .pretty soon you will be out of compliance and those tab wont be highlighted 

Thank you for your reply.

Are you sure about the whole Security tab will not be available after evaluation mode?


Roughly speaking I am thinking about using the rv340 behind my primary modem/router as VPN-Access-Point(via one of the IPSec functions, not via AnyConnect) and I want to block some URLs.

The first feature is interesting, because as far as I know windows phones are L2TP-capable but not raw-IPSec-capable.

Because of the URL-block, I would appreciate further details about what security functions will not be avaible without security license.


Do I really have to pay 120$ for a 1year security license if I decide that I would need it?

Or does this depend on my planned usage (personal/private vs. commercial)?


Best Regards


the Evaluation mode applies to the Security Features such as web filtering, Application control, etc.
Even when the Evaluation mode is expired you can continue using the two (2) simultaneous connection for Cisco Anyconnect VPN.
Mario Espinoza
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Most of our Product documentation and Solutions to commonly asked questions can be found at

Cisco Support Frontline Phone Number: +1 866-606-1866
Cisco Support Worldwide Contacts:

Just found this thread during research about LS-RV34X-SEC-1YR=.  Question:  does one not need to pay for AnyConnect client software, even though you are allowed 2 concurrent AnyConnect VPN sessions on that router?  I don't deal with mobility too much so am not familiar with AnmyConnect licensing overmuch.  


In any case, though this thread's original issue is probably laid to rest I'll just add two comments: 

The license addons do not affect the current features in the router, unless you are using that web filtering or Cisco VPN stuff.  If you're not, then whatever features are there, are there to be used as part of owning the router.  Certain security features won't just disappeare or grey-out (unless they are in the specific menus for those addon features, which when the eval licenses run out, would then indicate expired).

Also, there is no distinction between personal use vs. commercial use - this is a 'small business router' so it makes no distinction like say, Team Viewer might.  


Last comment:  my company is a Cisco Partner and believe me, nobody knows all the answers for Cisco products and solutions - in my 20 year career in IT I have never seen such a complicated mess of products/solutions than what Cisco has - granted they are complex because it's such a wide variety and scope since Cisco is king of networking, but, no way any room full of people is going to know all the Cisco answers and that would even include a room full of Cisco engineers.  :)

Hello, thanks for contacting me and follow up this post.


if you are trying to use the Cisco Anyconnect VPN option on the RV34x series, you need to purchase the Cisco Anyconnect Mobile Client to use it; this is a different license that the customer needs to purchase.


you can find more info on this URL:


about the Security Service License, this license applies for the Web Filtering features available on the RV34x series; if you don't want to use it you don't need to acquire it, therefore, you can buy only the Cisco Anyconnect License if you are planning to run into VPN solutions.


P.S.: you need to purchase a license for Cisco Anyconnect Mobile Client if you want to use it on you Windows/Linux/Apple computer; so far, Cisco Anyconnect Mobile Client is free for iOS and Android devices.

Mario Espinoza
.:|:.:|:. Cisco Small Business TAC
Shift Hours: Monday - Friday from 9:30 AM – 7:00 PM (EST)

Most of our Product documentation and Solutions to commonly asked questions can be found at

Cisco Support Frontline Phone Number: +1 866-606-1866
Cisco Support Worldwide Contacts:

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Hi There

Having exactly the same issue here with both of our Cisco RV345 Routers. Spoke to Cisco support last week and they reliably informed us that a perpetual licence is available for the VPN and Web Filter management on these devices.

However our Cisco reseller says this is an annual license at a cost of over £200 GBP. The support is very confusing but worse still was the fact that we had no idea whatsoever that any licencing was required at the time of purchase or during the installation that we undertook ourselves.

To make matters worse the devices have been configured for all notifications yet the Web filter stopped working due to the "Unknown to us" trial licence expiring causing a major safeguarding issue within our school. When the licence expires it doesn't warn you and there is no internet filtering in place!

This is a disgrace! I am very disgruntled!



I'm CEO of an Italian small company. We recently purchased a RV345P and we're trying to purchase a License for the Web Filter Management.

We tried to get it on the Cisco Website BUT it's not possible. We are invited to contact a local reseller which is apparently not available in Italy or in Europe!!!

We also tried to do it through an US Reseller but it's not possible to register outside US.


TO be honest, I'm quite disappointed from an almost impossible procedure.




Thank you,


I don't deal with Italy but the Cisco Partner Locator, if searching on Italy, comes up with 296 pages of results so there are many people to talk to.  However, partner locators tend to include results from larger companies that are a pain in the backside to contact - so for example page 1 of my search came up with IBM, and Ericsson.  In the past in situations like this if I call such a large company, you spend all your time talkign to people who have no clue, you get transferred around, it's a major pain.  Focus on finding a smaller company, preferably closer on the map to you, and try them.



I've found that for years, there are some really poor design decisions put into the Cisco small business products, stuff that really irks us IT people.  Basic stuff that any design team should account for such as notifying you when your license expires.  I don't like being critical of Cisco on this matter but one must call it like it is if ever there's to be improvement:  pre-sales product research is always, always, always a nightmare with Cisco products.  Inaccurate/conflicting documentation, partly because they get non-tech people posting info on their product pages, to help docs that are already obsolete after the latest firmware update, to well, just everything really.  Am I being negative? nope, I am calling it like it is.  


Having said that, I still go back to Cisco each time because ultimately I do find generally that they are still the better brand.  But it's been 10 years as a Cisco partner and they just do not get it whatsoever when it comes to presenting a simple product research experience for IT staff to select products with, with licensing that is more complicated than Microsoft in my humble experience.  So the confusion over perpetual vs. annual licensing is yet another example:  you could have a person referring to "the official buying guide" and there is no mention of a certain license type, but wait! That was the one from 2 months ago that our mess of a website didn't remove, so the latest document, which is 2 months old but not published anywhere anyone can find, provides the new license info. 


I sound sarcastic but this happens nearly every single time I go to figure out a product or solution for Cisco stuff.  Every time and trust me I'm good at this stuff.  


This is why even Cisco partners and distributors are constantly providing conflicting info - it starts with these product pages, guides, and data sheets, and flows from there to all the affected parties.  




Martin Aleksandrov
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



To re-enable your advanced security features, firstly you will need to purchase RV Security License LS-RV34X-SEC-1YR=. That enables dynamic web filtering, Internet security and Application Visibility and Client identification so when you call a Cisco partner you have to provide that license for reference.


Then you have to set up a Cisco Smart Account and to assign the RV security license to your Smart Account. Note your router must be registered and linked your Smart Account. 


Detailed instructions on how to enable Smart Software Licensing on RV340 series routers you can find on below link: 



Hi There

* We have already purchased the RV Security License LS-RV34X-SEC-1YR from our supplier and these were previously configured and working properly.

* We already have a Cisco Smart Account and have assigned the RV security license to our Smart Account.

* Our routers are also registered and linked our Smart Account.

* When I go to the GUI of the router is says web filtering is not licenced but I know that we are licenced and I can prove this.


Please contact our Small Business TAC at:

They will further investigate the licensing issue you are facing.