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RV345P Isolated Setup (not connected to the Internet)

I have a new RV345P that is intended as an internal network routing and "isolation" device. It will never be directly connected to the Internet. My main interest in this device is strictly as a basic router, DHCP server for one or more internal downstream networks and possibly as a second tier firewall device.

The issue I have is I went to setup the router with no WAN connection. The router took a very long time to finally activate the LAN1 port. The address provided was in the 172.16.x.x network. I was unable to connect to the internal web setup service using the documented address. I tried connecting the WAN to one of my internal DMZ networks but after that, the LAN1 port failed to get any DHCP address. The internal DMZ was in a specific VLAN (say 555). The upstream switch accepts all traffic and encapsulates it in the 555 VLAN. On return, the switch is setup to strip the 555 VLAN and treat the router as a non-VLAN aware device.


This behaviour may make sense for Internet only devices, which this router was not advertised to be. I have not tried to access the serial console port since new laptops don't offer serial ports anymore and my older USB/Serial adapter is no longer supported under Windows 10. I hope to find a better solution using the LAN setup like most SMB switches and routers offer.




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From the post what i have understood was.


you want RV345 to be connected to your DMZ and isolated FW for other LAN network, hope this is your Goal - if not please clarify ?


So your setup as below :


Internet --(some Router/ FW) DMZ---WAN(RV345) --Lan --PC


By Default these devices have less console config, all config to be done using GUI only


what is your network Address space for DMZ ? 192.168.1.X ? or something thing else? if that is the same you need to change your RV 345 LAN address space.


Reset RV 345 to Factory  - Do not require to connect to WAN, or any network, do the basic setup of Router with your Laptop as mentioned quick startup guide, then you can change LAN IP address to different if that s Overlap with your LAN or DMZ network.



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Hi BB,

Thanks for responding. To answer your questions:

  • You are correct. The RV345 will be connected to my existing DMZ and function as a secondary Firewall to other isolated DMZ's below.
  • DMZ network is 172.16.0.X
  • I will reset to factory and let you know the results.


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