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RVL200 with Windows 7 Ultimate and IE 9 SSL VPN not working


I have read several support forums and threads on the Cisco forum in repsect to the RVL200 and issues with the SSL VPN an still need somehelp in respect to configurations to get the Virtual Passage adapter to install and the VPN to work, I keep getting the install error for the Virtual Passage Adapter.  I have the last and latest firmware installed, and am running Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  I previously had it working from within the same building where I am now in but somewhere in the IE upgrades or otherwise the adapter no longer installs.  I have tried starting IE9 64-bit with administrator's rights, made the noted ActiveX and scripting security changes as noted in the manual for a Windows OS.  I also have C++ 64-bit redistributable 2005 installed (also 2008 and 2010 for that matter if that would cause any conflict).  I am running Norton 2012 Internet Security and SUPERantispyware which I don't think have any bearing on the situation but still thought I would note it.  I do not have port 443 forwarded for any reason in the RVL200 setup which I learned RVL200 uses for the SSL VPN.  I have tried removing the SSL drivers that were put in the Windows folder after the failed attempts of the Virtual Passage instal but with no luck in reinstalling.

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Yeah windows 7 have been a pain lately since java has rolled out several updates. The C++Redistr 2005 is one work around for another router SA500 (SSL vpn trouble) for java. Currently with these production units engineering is working on a fix within the next firmware releases. Since the RVL200 is EOL/EOS we don’t have a team that going to update the code, so i don't think this problem will get fixed on the RVL200 models. Most customers don't have this problem until they run all the updates for windows 7 after that SSL broken. Usually when an update is pushed out for java or browser and it breaks a feature on our routers teams will assets the problem and starts updating code on production units to fix whatever the upgrade broke. Since the unit is EOL its time to upgrade to a production unit so that windows7 will be fully supported.