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rvs4000 will not allow access to internet


Hi, my router will hand out ip address but not allow web pages. I just installed a new com as cable modem, it replaced a Verizon modem and was working fine before

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Brian Ng

Hi Jim,


Please try to see if you can ping or, which are public DNS servers, in command prompt as I would like to know if you are having a DNS issue or you do not have internet. On the RVS4000, what IP address do you get as your WAN IP address? Also, does your new modem have 1 or 4 ethernet ports on the back of the unit or what is the model of your modem? This should allow us to further troubleshoot the root cause.

Hello Brian,


Thanks for taking the time to look at my problem.

When I ping the public servers while using the Linksys RVS4000 4-Port Gigabit Security Router attached to the Surboard cable modem it returns a "Reply from Destination net unreachable".

No WAN IP address appears in this property, the LAN IP shows as, as it should, right?

The cable modem is a Motorola Surfboard model SB6183 and it has only one Ethernet port, which is connected with Ethernet cable into the "Internet" port of the router.

I found an old wireless router (Linksys WRT610N) which I installed and it is working fine.  I have connected a switch to it and  three different pc's and they are all connecting to the internet.  It shows an "Internet IP Address of, Default Gateway is and the DNS1 is and the DNS2 is

What's even more confusing is the RVS4000 has worked fine when it was behind the Verizon DSL modem, and that has been for a few years at least?

Thanks again for looking into my issue.  I attached a Word doc with screen shots.










In order for the internet to work, you will need a WAN IP address on the router. What is the LAN IP address of your Motorola Surfboard? If the IP address is 192.168.1.x then you need to change the RVS4000 LAN IP address to be 192.168.x.1 where X is not equal to 1. If both devices are on different IP addresses then try the following steps:


1. Plug a PC into the modem and make sure that you get internet and able to get to multiple web sites

2. Plug the RVS4000 back into the modem and then plug the PC, that you were just able to get internet with, into the RVS4000 in any of the LAN ports

3. Log into the RVS4000 and go to MAC address clone and there should be an option to clone the MAC address of your PC

4.Verify if you do get a WAN IP address and if you do, you should get internet at this point


I hope that helps.

I'm sorry to report that the RVS4000 router will just not cooperate.

The IP address for the Surfboard router is

The IP address for the RVS4000 Router is

I shut both down, turned the Surfboard back on, waited till it was up, then connected the RVS4000 and turned it on and waited till it was fully up.

Then I connected my laptop to the RVS4000.  This laptop was able to successfully access web pages prior to connecting to the RVS4000 router.

I accessed the RVS4000 and enabled the MAC cloning option, and cloned my laptop's MAC.  It cloned the MAC address of my laptop successfully.

I then shut everything off and started the reboot process for each device.

After finally rebooting the laptop I started IE but it would NOT load web pages. My laptop did have an IP address

The RVS4000 still did NOT obtain a WAN IP address!

You have been kind to try to help me and I appreciate your efforts.

I wonder if I should contact Comcast to see if there is some way for them to manually register the MAC address of the RVS4000 router in their system so it can go out to the web?

Thanks again Brian.



one last item, I attached a screen shot of the routers MAC clone setting.  I'm not sure where this number came from, but is it possible to manually enter this number into the RVS4000 setting?


Hi Jim,


You can manually change the MAC address in the RVS4000 settings. Also, please make sure that the Clone MAC address is enabled as I can see it is showing as "disabled" from the screenshot. The clone MAC address should have been the MAC address of your PC. You can verify the MAC address of your PC in the router if you go into command prompt on your PC then type in "ipconfig /all" and you should see your MAC address under "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" and it should be "Physical Address."

Hi Brian,

I want to thank you for your efforts, but I've not been able to set up my RVS4000.

Instead I'm now using my Netgear N600 wireless dual band router, and all is working well now.

I think I will try to sell the RVS4000 on Craigslist.  I paid $300.00 for it back in 2009, so maybe I can recoup some of that money, and it worked well for about 6 years so I can't complain :)

Thanks again,



Hi Jim,


It was a pleasure helping you and sorry that you are still not able to get the device working. At least, you are able to use another router to connect just fine.

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