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RVxxx firmware (V3 hardware required) with TOT ISP, Thailand

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I just bought RV042G with serial number NKS16120688 to replace old RV042 which is cannot upgrade to new version  firmware(from above V.4).

After I connect to my TOT isp modem to new rv042g, the router distributes ip (DHCP), get dns from isp normally  but it cannot connect the internet at all.

It seems this new firmware is not compatible with tot isp in Thailand while old rv042 with old firmware can run smoothly.

I have to try many things such as change wan port, change modem and also buy another new RV016, but results still the same

Could you pls suggest me?



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Tom Watts
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Please reboot the modem while a computer is connected to it. Then make sure the internet works with only a computer connecting to that modem. After this, check the IP address and ensure it is your public IP address OR anything different than 192.168.1.x Once the internet is verified working and the IP address is checked, connect the router WAN port to the modem, connect the same computer to the router LAN port.

Log in to the router, under the set up should be an option "mac address clone". Enable this feature and clone your PC mac, save the setting and see if that works.

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