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Service provider devices for Campus- Go/ No-go?

We had some changes recently and have inherited an aging campus infrastructure. Being primarily from service provider background, we are slowly exploring the Campus ecosystem. Does it make sense to use the same devices used in SP for Campus? Core and Distribution seems to have the same technologies(MPLS,L2/L3VPN) used. Does NCS540/5500 make sense in Campus infra? 

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I believe it's important to thoroughly consider all aspects. Even if, from a technological point of view (required protocols/features) business and technical requirements it is possible, could you please provide us with the following information to offer a more precise response:

  1. What type of design are you considering?
  2. the type of ports is compatible with your design?
  3. What are business requirements, for example:
    1. EOL has not yet been announced
    2. Is redundancy required
    3. there be a requirement in the future to scale up? For example, add ports that support a certain protocol (is it even possible and financially worthwhile to add them?)
    4. types of technologies are required to be supported (for example: host mobility/WIFI/voice/automation/etc.)
    5. Type of port interfaces / SFP types required
    6. potential and maximum bandwidth usage
    7. what security requirements need to be met


attached a links  that I believe could greatly contribute to discussions about Campus Design:

attached a link for checking compatibility of a feature with a specific router type:

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YES and NO -  Also consider Looking Cat K Switches for both - they are much better now.


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