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Site-to-Site VPN RV345 and RV0XX routers

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Is it possible to set up a site to site VPN between the RV345 and one of the older RV042 or RV016 routers?


We had a tunnel between the RV042 and RV016 routers for quite a long time. Recently RV016 was upgraded to RV345 and we can't seem to get the tunnel to come up.




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I briefly had one set up between a RV345P and a RV042G. Had no problems (apart from the excessive rekeying from the RV042G, though that bug doesn't affect performance, just makes the logs a beyotch to read).


Post pics of your configs (sanitize your pre-shared key!)

Hi  train_wreck,


RV042 Firmware version :
RV345 Firmware Version:





Well, the first discrepancy I see is that you've used a Remote Identifier Type of "Remote FQDN" on the RV345. To me this would imply that the RV042 would need to use a "Local Security Gateway Type" of FQDN. Perhaps see if the RV042 gives you an FQDN option for the Local Security Gateway Type.


If it doesn't, try to set the Remote Identifier Type on the RV345 to "IP Only" and enter the remote IP address (rather the RV042's WAN IP). I realize you are likely using FQDN since one side has a dynamic IP, but try IP Only just to rule out the inconsistency.

Hi train_wreck and thanks for responding.


I think you were successful in setting up a tunnel because you had an  RV042G unit. I was dealing with an older RV042 model. Either way I swapped it for an RV016 and was able to get the tunnel up instantly using the same settings (shown above)


So if you can set up an L2L between RV345 and RV042G, you certainly can't do it between an RV042 and RV345 models