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SRP527 losing gateway connection.

Tom Rottler

Hi there everyone and there is a problems that I hope to have an answer to this.

Having installed an SRP527W connecting to a cable modem (as a bridge) by configuring LAN4 into a WAN link.  Everything seems to go well that is until I loaded 1.1.27 from 1.1.24.

What happens is that I constantly lose access to the Internet  I see all the bars reading that I am wirelessly connected to the router however the router does not have internet access.  I have disconnected the wireless and reconnected however the problems still occurs.  Also my Windows 7 tells me that I am connected to the Internet however refreshing a page is so slow that it constantly times out.

When I reverted back to 1.1.24, the problems solved.

I have a feeling that software 1.1.27 is not working all that well or there is a bug in the software for connecting.

I know I should have tested the router by direct cable to see if the problem stemmed through all LAN ports but I could not be bothered as I placed the router out of reach and used it almost exclusively for wireless use.

Is anyone experience similar.

Thanking in advance.

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