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SRP547W and compatible 3G/4G USB Modem

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Hi there,

Currently, I have setup a demo lab with the UC320W + IP Phones and OnPlus Network Agent all connected to a SG300-28P.

I have just obtained an SRP547W because I wanted to use the 3G/4G internet connection via the router as my demo lab is an isolated network.

Now, I tried to a couple of 3G modem (UMG181) and 4G Telstra modem (MF821) on the SRP547W but none of these work. I had a look at the compatibility table (

I guess those modem models are not listed there. However, when I went on say the Optus website to scout for a more compatible model, none of them hit it right on the mark. The matrix says it can support E180 (while Optus has the E188), E353 (while Optus has the E353). I have already wasted my money on getting the earlier stated 3G/4G Modems and I ain't going to take a chance again.

This kinda suck due to the lack of modem options and choices. Infact, I had a Netcomm NB16WV and the cheap device actually supports those modems that I have. I had to get the SRP547W because I have to showcase a so called end-to-end Cisco solution and for the OnPlus portal to show that it can detect the Cisco devices that are still active and under contract support.

I do not think I want to keep trying and burning $$$.

Is there a possibility to get the SRP547W to support the current 3G and 4G modems that I have?

Hope to hear from you soon.



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Sorry typo.....I meant to say Compatibility Matrix shows E352 (while Optus has the E353).