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suggestions for EOL used router purchase and modules.

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First question: is the 3600 series the newest EOL cicsco routesr or are  their newer older models available(if that makes sense)?

In any case, if the 3600 series are the newest EOL routers you can pick up used I am looking for some suggestions.

I have a small business with one office in the states and one office behind the "Big Firewall" in China with three employees.

I want the China office location and the three employes homes to be sites where they can VPN into the server stateside.

The server will serve three main functions:

1. backup location of each employe's drive image (2) two (2) TB drives in Raid 1 on a HP-RR 2320 PCIe "semihardware" card)

2. backup vital company data, trade secrets, financials, etc(7 300 gb Raptors in Raid 6 on HP-RR 4322 hardware raid card containing encypted partiton)

3. allow employess to remotely control the server so as to browse the free world net, download to a 600 gb raptor, and then transfer downloads after their browsing session.

The rest of the server hardware:

2 dual core(quad) PPC 2.5 CPU/s

12 gb ECC RAm

SSD Sata boot drive OWC Enterprise RE

HighPoint RocketRaid  4322 PCIe card

HighPoint RocketRaid  2320 PCIe card

Quadro FX4500 Video card(Kinda overkill here:server was once a workstation)

Two Hitachi 2 TB HDD

8 300 GB  Velociraptorsmini

External Raid enclosure on multilane mini sas cables

Firwire 800 external Raid array(2(two) 300GB HDD)

Firewire 400 webcam

Two built-in GB Nics

Mac OS X 10.5.8 Server(Leopard)

I want to use vpn or SSH tunnnel. OS X Server has these capabilities built-in but I am wondering if I can get reduce the inherent latency of a VPN coonections and maybe stabalize the upload speed so as to give the remote user a reasonable real time browsing experience.

I was looking at the LRE model.

What modules should I buy for both ends for a 3660 router or up? Should I bridge the two nics? Should I do any router bridging.

Thanks for a replies. Let me know if I am in the best forum site for an answer to this question

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