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Unexpected portion of log, sent by e-mail set for daily dump, from RV340

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I consider it important to receive a daily (or sometimes hourly or weekly) log report, from my firewall router, which in this case is the Cisco RV340.        Indeed, the user interface clearly allows set up of e-mail, and log capture and e-mailing of log.     It works... with one glaring error:       The logged entries, sent out by e-mail, are always out of date, as if sent from a FIFO buffer, not a LIFO buffer.    If I log onto the Cisco RV340 with a web browser, I can see log entries all the way up to the most recent minute... as one would normally expect.


   The RV215W, on the contrary, sends out logs, by e-mail, like a champ; clear, concise, and thoroughly timely...     


I have been e-mailing logs from various brands and models of routers for about 15 years, and have never seen anything so ridiculous as this lagged report.     I simply cannot figure out "what I did wrong" and I request that someone else repeat my experiment.     


Is this some kind of bug, in the design of the RV340??



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