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WAN connection to 1 specific LAN RV320



I have one cisco RV320, I use 2 wan connections with different isp.

It is possible to go out just with one ISP to one of the 4 LAN ports ?

I need one specific LAN port to have internet connection just from a specific wan1 or wan 2, and the other lan ports to use load balancing feature.

It is possible?


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Thank you for the information.

After reviewing the diagram, it seems that what you need is to create 2 Protocol bindings, one on the 2 router and the other one on the first router so that the traffic can be pointed out of the right ISP.

Unfortunately, this is not supported as the routers were not designed to work like this so there is no way to guarantee that the traffic on the second router will go out the right ISP on the first one but we can try.

Please let me know if it worked.

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The RV320 has a feature called Protocol Binding that will allow you to link a single or a range of IP addresses on the LAN to use a specific WAN connection for an specific protocol. 

Here is a document on how to configure such feature:

If what you are intending to do is to force, lets say a range of IP addresses on the LAN to only use WAN 1 as the outbound connection for all the traffic, then you want to configure the protocol binding as follows:

Service = Any

Source IP: Beginning of the range or single address

to: End of range or singe address

Destination IP: (Anywhere on the internet)

to: (Anywhere on the internet)

Interface: WAN 1

Status: Mark the checkmark to enable it.

Please remember that you can Bind the protocols via IP addresses and no specific LAN ports.

I hope this helps

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