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WRVS4400N Drops connection


I have a WRVS4400N v2 router updated to Firmware V2.0.2.1.  At random times (I haven't been able to find a consistent series of events leading up to the problem) the router will stop allowing connections to function.  Both wireless and wired connections are affected.  I am unable to ping the router or access the web interface from any of the computers that were functioning through the router just moments before, so I'm fairly certain that the problem is with the router, and not somewhere between the router and the internet.  The only way I can get everything functioning again is to power cycle the router.  The problem sometimes occurs multiple times in an hour, and will sometimes go all day with no problem.  I am only using the router for a simple wireless access point, and don't have any of the more advanced features enabled.  I am unsure of what to look for to help me diagnose the problem.  Any suggestions of what to look for would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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there are several things to be considered regarding this issue. One thing that stands out is that both wired and wireless clients are affected. When the connection drops do the devices still have IP addresses? You stated that you are "using the router for a simple wireless access point", if this is the case then what device is acting as your router? Do you have wired clients connected to the the WRVS4400n as well. What is the mode WRVS4400n, gateway or router? Is the device doing DHCP?

Blake Wright

Cisco SBSC Network Engineer

I'm sorry, I guess I mis-stated things a bit.  The WRVS4400N is acting as a router, providing DHCP out wirelessly as well as via the ethernet ports.  I have two wired devices (a printer and a computer) and I have mapped their MAC addresses to static IP addresses.  All other connections are being made wirelessly.  It's been several hours since the last time the problem happened, but I think the computers (both wired and wireless) thought that they still had IP addresses as assigned by the WRVS4400N, but I was unable to connect from the computers to the WRVS4400N.

Please let me know what additional information I can provide that will help debug the problem.


With the nature of your issue I think it would be more beneficial for you to call in for support. Please call 1.866.606.1866 and open a support ticket.

Blake Wright

Cisco SBSC Network Engineer

Well, it finally locked up again while I was away for a couple of hours.  I'm still setting up for an event that starts tomorrow that I was intending to use the router for, so nobody but me has been using it.  The computers were all showing 169.254 IP addresses.  I have no way of knowing how long the router was offline, but I'm not surprised to find that the computers dropped back to self assigned addresses.  I power cycled the router, and was able to use it for a minute or two, and it locked up again.  For the few minutes after that, the computers continued to show IP addresses that had been assigned by the router.  A second power cycle failed to get it online, so I'm stopping fighting with it, and will go dig out a much older (different brand) router that was slower, but apparently more reliable.

After seeing several other discussions on these forums with similar sounding problems, and recommendations to call in for support, I had started there.  Unfortunately I was told that my free year of call support (that I wasn't aware that I had) expired quite some time ago.  I was directed to these forums as a place for support without paying the $75 fee to open a ticket.  Rather than continue to fight with this router, I guess I'll put my money towards a new and different router.  It's too bad since this one had come highly recommended to me.

Thanks for the attempts to help here.

This is a wild guess, but might be it...

I had a similar problem where the WRVS4400N (same v2 same Firmware) just locked up and stopped responding until I power cycled it, and I found out that it was because I enabled "SIP Application Layer Gateway" in Firewall->Basic Setting.

Though enabling this feature should not be something wrong, I found out that when I disabled it, the router stopped locking up. As I did not really need this feature, I can live with disabling it.

Check to see if this is not what's locking up your router.


Thanks for the suggestion.  I'm just now done dealing with other emergencies, and can think about this problem again.  The SIP Application Layer Gateway is disabled.  I'm fairly certain I didn't change anything in the firewall settings from the default settings.  Firewall, Dos, and Block Wan Request all enabled; Remote Management, Multicast Passthrough, and SIP all disabled.

I'm going to look at doing a complete reset of the router, and try to change as little as possible yet still have it function the way I need it.  If it still fails to work properly, I'm going to assume that I have a bad router and will quit wasting my time with it.

Thanks again to everyone who has tried to help.


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