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1921 Router showing 1905/k9 in Name and Description in Show INV command


I have recently acquired a 1921 router and upon connecting to it via console and running the show inventory command I was surprised to see it being reported as a 1905 instead. Even a lookup on reports the serial number as that of a 1905 and not a 1921. The chassis shows it is a 1921 and it has two EHWIC slots instead of the single available slot that a 1905 has. The serial number reported on the chassis matches what is shown via the show inventory command. So what is my question? Is it possible that this is in fact a 1921, but has a 1905 ROM? Or is it more likely that someone swapped a 1905 main board into a 1921 chassis? If it were a case of a swapped mainboard I would expect there to be a mismatch in the serial number on the chassis and what is shown via CLI.

Is it possible to change the name and description shown via the show inventory command?

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