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1GB Connection ISR4331 with Boost License or ISR4551 with Perf License


Hi Gurus,


Would like to ask for an advise.
My company currently has a ISR4331 (base license with 100Mb throughput).
Its a bit weird why this is done in such a way because our uplink are 2 x 400Mb service which means that we are nowhere getting near to the service that has been subscribed.
That story is for a different time I guess.


We are going to get a 1 x 1Gb service (as such require at least 2Gb of router throughput) and I am contemplating on reusing the ISR4331 with the boost license or the ISR4551 with the perfomance license.

On top of basic routing, the router will perform just NAT at this stage.

What put me off witht he ISR4331 with boost license is the fact that the CPU utilization of the hardware can go 50%-70% if it ever hits 2Gbps of throughput.
On the other hand, there is no way that I will be hitting 2Gb of throughput 80% to 100% of the time.

Is there a way to enable to boost performance license as an eval on the ISR4331 so that I can monitor the CPU usage during the period?

Can anyone advise me?

Thank you.

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Georg Pauwen
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I think you can get a boost evaluation license from Cisco Global Licensing. Below is tthe link for contact information:

Thanks Georg. Most likely I will request for an evaluation boost license and monitor the CPU utilization during the evaluation period. If things looks fine, we will proceed with the purchase of the boost license then. Thanks for your advise


If you get to the point of considering the 4551, it might be worth looking at the ASR920 instead, depending upon your requirements.


hope this helps,



Hi Dave, thanks for the advise. I will try the boost license on the 4331 first as we have support agreement on that box till Feb 2021, will be a waste if we were to change at this stage.
However, saying so, if the 4331 does not work out, I will look at the ASR920 or the ISR4551.
Thanks for the advise.
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