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2811 compact flash: issues


I am using a 2811 configured as CME in my voice lab at work. For more space to hold phone software, I had to use a different compact flash than the stock Cisco. The one I am using is called Verbatim and it doesn't seem to be completely compatible but it is almost, so I though I would ask if anyone knows a command I can run to make this CF card work with my 2811 router. I have already formatted it and that doesn't fix the issue and I don't think it's the router because the Cisco one seems to work.

Here's what it's doing: I can "show flash:", I can tftp: to and from flash:, I can see all the files in flash:, and I can cat out the files in flash:  and from there cut and paste my desired config into the router. HOWEVER, I cannot "config mem" and when I do I get this error: File system flash: is unavailable and I cannot boot to flash, even though I have set the "boot system flash:xxx" command. With this CF card, the router only boots to ROMMON. 

Any ideas how I can make this CF card work with my router? I do believe there has to be some workaround that I am missing because as stated, I can see the flash and work with all the files there and add and remove files. So far, I just can't config memory or boot to flash:.

Any help appreciated!!!

Peter Paluch
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee


If I may ask - how large is the CF card you are using? I recall that when experimenting with various CF types and vendors, I could get a 1GB CF card to work rather nicely, but larger CF cards would be problematic because the IOS and the ROMMON code for these platforms is not prepared to work with large CF sizes.

Can you perhaps find a 1GB CF card somewhere, and give it a try?

Best regards,

Thank you. That does sound logical because I am using a 4 gb card. I will
look for a 1 GB and give it a go. Thanks again for your quick reply.
Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

All my ISR G1s and Sup720 are all using Verbatim 2Gb (lime green top) CF without an issue.
Not all CF, particularly from the same "brand" or "manufacturer", are compatible. 1 Gb, for instance, may not be supported but 2 Gb is.

That is interesting because I am using a 4 gig and all I have access to
besides is Cisco 64 MB or Verbatim 2 Gig. I will try the 2 Gig later today
and let you know if it works. Thanks!