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3750 ME traffic shaping down stream traffic

I am trying to come up with the best way to traffic shape traffic with 3750 Me switches.  the traffic will be coming from a 6504 Sup-7203b downstream and going out the wan.  Core---L3---->6504--intvlan80--trunkport to--->3750Me---g/1/1/1-trunkport to---MetroE network--->int f0/0.80--branch router.  The idea is to use the 3750 to traffic shape the traffic going towards the wan/branch to 500 to match the contracted rate and then to use qos on shaped rate.  I tried to apply it to g1/1/1 using port based policies but it did not shape the traffic.  I changed everything to IP interfaces and it worked.  I need to break up the metroe into different vlans so I can bring branch offices in on different vlans.



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Re: 3750 ME traffic shaping down stream traffic

Hi Jamie


cisoc 3750 Metro Series switches with the Hierarchical

Queuing Framework features on the Enhanced Service ports is

able to deliver traffic shaping, 2 rates 3 colors policers, and other

advance QoS features on its 8000 queues. With the set of rich

features and flexibility, the Service Providers will be able to

offers differentiated services to multiple customers serviced by a

Catalyst 3750 Metro Series switch.

class-map match-all custAvlan10 --- identify Customer A

match vlan 10

class-map match-all custAipprec5 -- Customer A’s priority traffic

match ip precedence 5

class-map match-all custAipprec0 -- Customer A’s Internet traffic

match ip precedence 0

class-map match-all custAipprec3 -- Customer A’s VPN traffic

match ip precedence 3

class-map match-all custBvlan15 -- identify Customer B

match vlan 15

match vlan inner 2

match vlan inner 100

class-map match-all custBipdscp32 --- Customer B’s VPN traffic

match ip dscp 32

class-map match-all custBipdscp8 -- Customer B’s data traffic

match ip dscp 8

policy-map custAclasspolicy -- policy for Customer A’s class queues

class custAipprec5

priority -- assign strict priority to this queue

class custAipprec3

bandwidth percent 60


random-detect precedence 3 200 400 3000

class custAipprec0

bandwidth percent 20

policy-map custBclasspolicy -- policy for Customer B’s class queues

class custBipdscp32

bandwidth percent 70

class custBipdscp8

bandwidth percent 20

class class-default

shape average 10000000

policy-map vlanpolicy -- logical level policy ataching class level policies

class custAvlan10

shape average 150000000

service-policy custAclasspolicy

class custBvlan15

police cir 75000000 bc 8192 pir 100000000 be 8192

service-policy custBclasspolicy

policy-map ES1 -- physical level policy attaching logical level policy

class class-default

shape average 500000000

service-policy vlanpolicy

interfaces gi1/1/1 --- atach the HQF policy to the interface

service-policy output ES1


if helpful Rate

3750 ME traffic shaping down stream traffic

Will traffic shaping with the vlan still work if the vlan interfaces are on the 6504 not the 3750me.  The 6504 will peer with the branch offices not the 3750me.  The traffic will traverse the 3750me and egress to the wan and hopefully it will shape the traffic.





Re: 3750 ME traffic shaping down stream traffic

Only the 3750ME can do shaping

Shape same to the example then u can shape per vlan on the wan edge 3750


If helpful rate

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