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7200 NPE-G2 Per-Session Qos

Hi everyone,

I've been working on trying to get per-session Qos to work with our customer's connexion, but i'm running into quite a few difficulties.

I have 2 7204VXR NPE-G2 router with many customer connections terminating on them, AAA is sent to a freeradius server which passes back down AV Pairs with lcp interface configurations.

I found plenty of Doc suggesting to use ip:sub-qos-policy-in or ip:sub-qos-policy-out AV pair, on the 7200 with IOS 12.4(22)T5 these AV pairs are ignored.

I also tried AV pairs ip:vrf-id and ip:ip-unnumbered and these are also ignored ...

I couldn't find any doc stating if these where supported or not on this IOS, so i went over and tried on the same router but with IOS 15.1(4)M4

The following radius config works correctly :

username Cleartext-Password := password

Service-Type = Framed,

Framed-Protocol = PPP,

Framed-IP-Address =,

Framed-IP-Netmask =,

Framed-Route = " 205",

cisco-avpair += "ip:vrf-id=TEST",

cisco-avpair += "ip:ip-unnumbered=Loopback1235",

cisco-avpair += "ip:sub-qos-policy-in=qos-policy-in",

cisco-avpair += "ip:sub-qos-policy-out=qos-policy-out"

SO i gather that the 12.4 router needs an IOS upgrade, not a prob, but the prob is that i can only get Marking and Policing to work, when i try WFQ or Queueing i get the following messages :

Weighted Fair Queueing feature is not supported in user defined class of parent level policy

Queuing features are not supported on sessions

Low Latency Queueing feature is not supported in user defined class of parent level policy

I found a document that stated that you need to create a child class that you reference throught the default class of the parent but that doesn't work either.

Has anybody else already come across this problem ?



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