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896 router cannot synchronize for 100Mbit

Level 1
Level 1

Hello everyone,

i live in germany and i have a new Internet 100mbit from M-net Provider.

i have found that i need the 30a Profile thats why i configure the next command on the controller.

controller VDSL 0
 operating mode vdsl2
 firmware filename flash:VA_B_38V_d24m.bin


and the next commands on the ethernet0.40 because of the tagging to the provider.

interface Ethernet0
 no ip address
interface Ethernet0.40
 description DSL Internet Vlan 40tagged
 encapsulation dot1Q 40
 pppoe enable group global
 pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1



because of the PPPoE i have shutdown the ATM.


although the line is all the time down.


Router#show controllers vDSL 0
Controller VDSL 0 is DOWN

Daemon Status:           Establishing Link

                        XTU-R (DS)              XTU-C (US)
Chip Vendor ID:         'BDCM'                   'IFTN'
Chip Vendor Specific:   0x0000                   0xC0C8
Chip Vendor Country:    0xB500                   0xB500
Modem Vendor ID:        'CSCO'                   '    '
Modem Vendor Specific:  0x4602                   0x0000
Modem Vendor Country:   0xB500                   0x0000
Serial Number Near:    FCZ214790BM C896VA-K 15.7(3)M1
Serial Number Far:
Modem Version Near:    15.7(3)M1
Modem Version Far:     0xc0c8

Modem Status:            Unknown

DSL Config Mode:         VDSL2
Trained Mode:
TC Mode:                 UNKNOWN
Selftest Result:         0x00
DELT configuration:      disabled
DELT state:              not running

Full inits:             0
Failed full inits:      0
Short inits:            0
Failed short inits:     19

Firmware        Source          File Name
--------        ------          ----------
VDSL            user config     flash:VA_B_38V_d24m.bin

Modem FW  Version:      170321_1253-4.02L.03.B2pvC038v.d24m
Modem PHY Version:      B2pvC038v.d24m
Trellis:                 OFF                      OFF
SRA:                     disabled                disabled
 SRA count:              0                       0
Bit swap:                enabled                 enabled

Training Log :  Stopped
Training Log Filename : flash:vdsllog.bin




can anyone help me?


best regards,




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I posted the config from the 897.