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Access SIP Server through Hairpinning

I am in the process of standing up a new voice network. I know this is posted to the WAN/Routing page, this IS a WAN/Routing question, even if it is about routing voice.  As you can see from my attached image, I have 3 sites, 2 branch offices and the Corporate HQ.  Site 2 is a standard MPLS site and their phone calls are controlled by an MPLS Carrier SIP server.  They calls work fine.  Site 1 doesn't have MPLS, but is connected to the network via an IPSEC tunnel back to Corp HQ.  My problem is I need Site 1 to talk to the MPLS Carrier SIP Server.  The MPLS Carrier SIP Server has a public IP address, not a standard internal one, but it is only accessible via their MPLS cloud.  I need to route traffic from Site 1 through Corp HQ and hairpin it back out the MPLS to the SIP server.  Typically for an IPSEC site, I just add the local subnets and the HQ subnets, but could I add the Carrier SIP server's subnet too?  What would be the best way to route this?


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