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asap multilink 2 BRI interfaces on 1841 router

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Can I link to ISDN BRI interfaces using multilink on the 1841 router? We are looking at this as a backup to a primary connection. Our goal is to have dual BRI's with 256k of bandwidth. Is this possible?

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This is very much possible which you can achieve by binding both the physical bri interfaces onto a single dialer interface.

You need to take care of ppp multilink command under them also the dialer load threshold which you can keep accordingly as per your requirement.(dialer load threshold the time you want both your Physical lines to be on serving your data traffic)..

Once you are up with this you can configure up a simple floating static route pointing towards the dialer interface with higher admin distance when compared to your primary connectivity..


Thank you for your response. The situation we are going into the router will have an ethernet connection as its WAN connection, and I was thinking to bring up the ISDN, I would configure a tunnel back from that router back through my firewall at my HQ and use that as the interface the Dialer will monitor to see if it needs to come up. Is this plausible?


I m bit eager to know how dialer is going to monitor the tunnel which u r creaging between router and firewall, if that tunnel goes down then u can run the dialer with higher administrative distance (floting static route). But i want to know that how it will be monitored since this tunnel is from router to firewall.

I can tell u , if it is router to router GRE tunnel, then you can configure the keep alive at the both the router tunnel interface. if the connectivity goes down tunnel will show down and with higher administrative disance dialer will get the primary route and traffic will run thru dialer.

Hope this can help u out.



I think I missed something in my previous post, I planned to make a GRE tunnel THROUGH my firewall to my Core router at HQ. From what I have read you cannot terminate a GRE tunnel on a PIX, though that would be nice.

absolutely, so if possible go for router each location and run keep alive at tunnel interface and cheers.



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