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Ask the Expert- Cisco's Branch Routing Portfolio

Cisco Moderador
Community Manager
Community Manager

This topic is a chance to discuss more about Cisco’s branch routing portfolio. In this session Cisco experts will help customers to make the right platform choice for their network.
The Enterprise branch routing portfolio offers customers a wide variety of choices based on performance, form factor, LAN and WAN ports, Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, programmability, and application hosting. It even accommodates certain ruggedized requirements that could satisfy most customer needs.

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Ask questions from Tuesday 22 of April to Friday 3rd of May, 2019


Featured Experts

meena.jpgMeena Shar is a product Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR 4000) modular platforms and has worked at Cisco for 10 years. Prior to joining the Marketing Engineering team she worked as a Business Unit Escalation Engineer. Presently, she specializes in Quality of Service (QoS), Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR), application hosting, and programmability on ISR 4000.


ericN.pngEric Nelson is a Technical Marketing Engineer for 4G/5G technologies, and for ISR 1000 and ISR 900. He has been with Cisco for almost two decades. In his first 15 years he provided support to different service providers on technologies such as ATM, Time-division Multiplexing (TDM) voice, and IP voice among others. Prior to joining Cisco, Eric worked at a telecommunications company supporting ATM backhaul. Currently, he supports cellular providers in the latest market transition to wireless last mile to Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). 

shameel.jpgShameel Ummer is a product Technical Marketing Engineer for ISR 4000 modular platforms. He is responsible for Crypto VPN technology on all the ISR and ASR 1000 platforms as well as for Routing/MPLS/NAT/transport security technologies. Shameel joined Cisco two years ago.  Before he joined the Technical Marketing Engineering team, he worked as a Network Consultant Engineer (NCE) for Cisco Security Solutions with Advanced Services. He holds four CCIE certifications; R&S, Service Provider, Security, and Data Center.

Meena, Eric and Shameel might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Networking community.

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Hilda Arteaga
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Meena, Eric and Shameel

Thanks for today’s presentation, we’ve learned lots

Please help to reply the following question:

  •  Will it be possible to upgrade DNA essentials to DNA Advantage during a subscription term if customer needs change?­

An upgrade request will have to be initiated by the account manager to Cisco and the difference in the tiers will have to be paid.

Yes- it is possible

Alpesh Sarvaiya

Excellent session, thanks to Cisco team.

During Eric's session, i had posted query about Serial port on 1100 routers.

Toan mentioned P1-T availability on C1101-4P whereas Meena said available with restricted regional availability.

If the router is for LTE purpose, will it have any limitation using the same chassis but with serial port?

I couldn't find any info from the deck, can you please advise on this.




so yes , there is a P-1T, PIM coming, which is a one port smart serial PIM,  so for all the PIM enabled ISR1k's you can either have the LTE PIM or the P-1T PIM, but not both.  except in the 1109-4PLTE2P. this one SKU has 2 PIM's slots and can handle both PIM's.

Meena was correct in that it is geograhpically limited for the sale of the P-1T. It was designed for the LATAM/India markets with a large need of High speed serial as a WAN link requirement. 




Alpesh, thanks for attending our session.

The C1101-4P has a slot for pluggable modules and it can take either an LTE module or a P-1T module.

The P-1T module is for select regions only.It is not sold globally.Does this help?


Do security features including IDS/IPS run on the data plane CPU or control plane CPU on the ISR 4461? Are the 4 cores of the 4461 control plan comparable to the 4-cores on the earlier 44xx line or are they significantly faster?

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