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ASR1006 IOS XE/Firmware upgrade - Do I have to upgrade Firmware?


This question regards whether or not I have to upgrade the firmware on an ASR1006 device, when upgrading IOS version.

Device is currently running IOS XE - 03.04.05.S (Version 15.1(3)S5) - asr1000rp1-advipservicesk9.03.04.05.S.151-3.S5.bin

I am upgrading the IOS version to 03.17.03.S (15.6(1)S3) - asr1000rp1-advipservicesk9.03.17.03.S.156-1.S3-std.bin. So the IOS version is witihin the same Major release.

*My installed modules are as follows:

Chassis type: ASR1006

Slot      Type                State                 Insert time (ago)
--------- ------------------- --------------------- -----------------
0         ASR1000-SIP10       ok                    3y21w
 0/0      SPA-1X10GE-L-V2     ok                    3y21w
1         ASR1000-SIP10       ok                    3y21w
 1/0      SPA-1X10GE-L-V2     ok                    3y21w
2         ASR1000-SIP10       ok                    3y21w
 2/0      SPA-10X1GE-V2       ok                    3y21w
R0        ASR1000-RP1         ok, active            3y21w
R1        ASR1000-RP1         ok, standby           3y21w
F0        ASR1000-ESP20       ok, standby           3y21w
F1        ASR1000-ESP20       ok, active            3y21w
P0        ASR1006-PWR-AC      ok                    3y21w
P1        ASR1006-PWR-AC      ok                    3y21w

Slot      CPLD Version        Firmware Version
--------- ------------------- ---------------------------------------
0         07091401            12.2(33r)XNB
1         07091401            12.2(33r)XNB
2         07091401            12.2(33r)XNB
R0        07062111            12.2(33r)XNB
R1        07062111            12.2(33r)XNB
F0        08041102            12.2(33r)XNB
F1        08041102            12.2(33r)XNB

Can I use the same firmware or will I have to upgrade. I am a little confused by the release notes and they are not very intuative.

I would rather NOT upgrade the firmware if I do not have to.  Also what relation does the firmware have against the IOS version, do some IOS features require the firmware to be upgraded.

I have researched the following for the details:

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Iulian Vaideanu

According to tables 6 and 7 here, IOS XE 3.4S and 3.17S have the same ROMMON requirements for your configuration:

The minimums there, however, are already newer than what you're running and, while XNB may still work with 3.4S, it may not with 3.17S.

I'd do the upgrade - one thing I experienced with too old ROMMON vs. too new IOS is that the IOS image checksum wouldn't be validated at boot time (and therefore would be considered unusable for booting)...

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