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Basic Lan config - Get on the internet

I put my embarq Modem in bridge mode. Setup my cisco 2621 behind the Modem. Setup DHCP on the WAN fa0/0 and its pulling a public IP address. I then set my LAN fa0/1 to assign DHCP pool along with embarq DNS to clients on my home LAN. I get IPs on all clients. I can ping all interfaces and I can source ping from the router to google fine. Interfaces are UP and UP. My problem is I cant get out on the internet.

Whats the bare minimum I need to get my DHCP clients computers where they can browse the internet? What am I missing? Im doing no nat and set no routers nor no access lists.




Re: Basic Lan config - Get on the internet


NAT perhaps....

Your FA0/0 is Public while FA0/1 is private. You didn't mentioned that you have NAT configured.




Re: Basic Lan config - Get on the internet


thanks for your reply. What I did since NAT was not setup I just got finished taking my modem out of bridge mode. I then got a IP from the modem and the modem is handling the nating now. I still cant get out on the internet. Any ideas now since I took NAT out of the equation.

P.S. I can ping google by sourcing the ping from my cisco router.


Re: Basic Lan config - Get on the internet

Here is the answer to making a Embarq 660 modem DSL work with a Cisco router. Non Bridge Mode. For the record I searched, asked, an emailed embarq and looked extensivly on forumns and no one helped me. It was really aggrevating. My explanation assums you can get your interfaces up and up on your own.

The problem is your LAN interface knows how to get to the Modem but the modem does not know a route back. What you have to do is log into the 660 modem and enable rip version 2. Then go back to your router and do the same thing. Redistribute rip and it will work.

I am going to do it with the modem in bridge mode next so someone can give me that info here or ill do it the hard way and post it myself.

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