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Hi.I´m configuring a new router ISR 4000, but i cannot find all needed commands for bridge feature.Please your help if somebody know the equivalent commands for ISR 4000 series. Thanks in advance.------------------------------------------------------...

Traffic not going through the DMVPN tunnel Some of our spoke traffic is not going through the tunnel to either hub. Our connection from the hub to spoke is over a point-to-point radios. We have an outside eigrp 100 network and an inside eigrp 60 netw...

wispkit by Level 1
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************************************************************************** Update to problem on Page 2 ********************************************************************   Hey guys, hoping I can get some help with a little issue I'm having.   So re...


Hello, I am currently labbing/ planning our design on how to dynamically route between our core sites into our ISP WAN (WAN only no internet).   We have a couple of requirements: Advertise default route from each of our two core sites for external si...

We have 1GB Internet speed right now going into a router that has a Proline GLC-SX-MM-CDW SFP.  We are upgrading our Internet speed to 2GB and are replacing current router with an ASR1001X.  We tried putting in the Proline SFP but even though it was ...

Dear Sir, I have encountered the https web site slow problem , acutally totally can't not see any data on https website. I have got one capture file from my load balancer , I found that so many TCP out-of-order. I am not sure it is relate with my iss...

Zayar Win by Level 1
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Could anyone please distinguish between Cisco network assistant vs Cisco configuration professional vs Cisco prime.    I understood that, All are monitoring & management tool. Explain in separately 

Pear11 by Level 1
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Can someone please help me figure out why I can't ping from my Azure VM to any on-premises devices? I've added exclusions for ICMP in Windows Firewalls on both sides and can successfully ping from on-prem (i.e. to an Azure VM (i.e. 10.0...

mark.bell by Level 1
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We bought and ISR 4331 performance license and using PAK i converted it to .Lic file but while creating license file i entered wrong UDI, means one word was left in coping it, now when i apply this license it is showing error that UDI does not match....

amanverma by Level 1
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