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Hi All, I need a advice regarding the OSPF areas. My issue is as follows.   Requirement :- Client 01 need to access Client 03   Observations :- Client 01 --> R1 --> R2 --> R3 --> R10 --> R9 --> R8 --> Client 03   R3 & R7 are ABR   Possible less HOP p...

mmendis by Level 1
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Hi all. i have successful configured my GRE tunnel and can ping the opposite ends of the tunnel from each side and even the router interface itself on the other lan.   My-Side internal Cisco Router (F/E 0/0) Tunnel 0 172....

 I was hoping someone could help me understand why my PPPoE connection keeps “flapping” in my lab I am using the dialer persistent, dialer idle-timeout 0 and, no cdp enable commands.(idk why i would need to disable cdp but I seen it in another post, ...

sweller by Level 1
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  I have the above topology. On R3, I have the following confguration R3 int lo0   ip add   ip ospf 1 area 10   interface Loopback1  ip address   int e0/0   ip add   ip osp...

gongya001 by Level 1
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HI All,   I have a 3750 with a couple of vlans on it. I have a server 2012r2 with DCHP running and the vlans are routing between each other with DCHP working fine. I have a Cisco 1841 router with two routed ports configured to connect between the BT ...

GJT by Level 1
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Hi all, Currently the majority of our larger sites are outfitted with two 2921 ISRs running HSRP, and a Layer 3 core switch that does a route out to the VIP of the routers (and a default route to ASA). These routers each have a single MPLS...

Help! I think I'm going crazy! I was trying to configure int Gi0/0/0 on our ISR 4331 router running Version 16.6.2. I go to conf t, enter int Gi0/0/0, I add in the description, configure the IP address, I enter no negotiation auto, I enter speed 100 ...

I have just installed and configured our 891f router to sit behind our BT leased line and create a guest network away from our internal network.  We have moved away from a Draytek router which had the below settings for WAN access and I have used the...

radder33 by Level 1
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Hello Everybody I would like to ask someone with good knowledge of Cisco IOS etc. to help with this I have Cisco 3945E with IOS Version 15.4(3)M7   What I want to reach is that all traffic to some specific public IP should be sent to different public...

PiotrOSki by Level 1
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Hi, I have a Router model RV042G - gigabit dual WAN VPN having version V4.2.2.08. I configured it is as Dhcp server and When I click on Show unknown MAC adddress it shows me duplicate IP address with different MAC addresses. I checked the device with...