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Hello people,    Please I need an assistance. I have a configuration i'm running for a purpose "ip nat inside source list 101 interface FastEthernet0/1 overloadip nat inside source static tcp 23 23 extendableip nat inside so...

Resolved! TCAM and ACL

C7606-S#sh platform hardware acl global-config CM global configurations: Update mode: hitless Default result: deny Match L4 protocols:Real protocol value: 47, encoded value: 9 Reserved QoS Banks:Current 1 banksLatest set 1 banksAfter next reload 1 ba...

Traffic is being redirected but I don't see matches on the route-map. Is there a way to see matches ?   C7606-S#sh route-map route-map AMP_REDIRECT, permit, sequence 1Match clauses:ip address (access-lists): AMP_HTTP_TRAFFIC Set clauses:ip next-hop v...

Hi All I would like some clarification on the priority command on routers etc, people say it has a max bandwidth enforcement, however when I look at the Cisco docs, it reads otherwise, see below quote   To me, this says if there is no other congestio...

Hello team,So i have 2 sites running eBGP on the same ASN peering with same ISP but at different locations.This ASN has a /22 (eg The customer would like to only use up to  on the first site (Site A) and...

Skywalker by Level 1
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hello! i need some help... i have a vpn working between 2 sites, one of them(A) has a public fixed IP and the other one (B) has a dynamic IP address. In the dynamic side, there is a server i need to have access from the internet. The ISP in this side...

Good afternoon,   My 2821 is equipped with a 120v 8A power supply meant for PoE / IP phones. However, I've no actual need for PoE. Will disabling PoE on the ports or just not using PoE devices reduce the actual power consumption towards the 3A range ...

sitrbk by Level 1
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All,What's the fastest possible convergence time that you've seen using ibgp? I have a L3 switch that I have 2 routers connected to. The routers are configured with HSRP and the primary automatically fails over if the serial side goes down. The probl...

Hello Experts, I configured two HUB and 6 spokes, one out of these spoke stuck in IKE state everyday. Can you please advice to troubleshoot the issue. Here is the config attached.   Thanks in advance