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Trunked etherchnnel only coming up as 10gb

Hi everyone Im currently configuring some trunks where im pairing the two 10gb interfaces on my two 2960X switches via etherchannel. These will of course be trunked to allow all vlans. Ive configured them as trunks and ive etherchanneled the ports t...

Why Require V.35 and G.703 Modem ??

Dear Experts, 1. STM1 Connectivity is commissioned in Head office which is  connected to 20 Branch offices and at branch offices, there are G.703 Modem installed and somewhere V.35 Modem. Why ISP provided V.35 and G.703 Modem at branch offices. Can w...

Resolved! QoS - Nested Shaping ? 50% restriction ?

Hello Guys We have a requirement listed below which we intend to solve using nested shaping- 1. Total WAN bandwidth = 8Mbps 2. Class A : Reserve 4Mbps ;  ClassB : 1Mbps ; ClassC : 1Mbps; Rest class-default 3. Class A+B+C combined shouldn't exceed 7Mb...

Resolved! MPLS hardware for Multiple sites

Hi, I need to connect my 4 branch offices (different geo graphical locations) with HQ as well as with each other. I have acquired 4 x 100MB MPLS Links to connect with branch offices having different subnets. Please any one can tell me that 1- What h...

miank by Beginner
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Redistributing bgp to ospf

Hello all, I'm having a problem after configured redistributing bgp to ospf on CE router. My customer claimed that yesterday for 10 minutes his routing cleared when CE sent new network advertisement on his LAN ( there is a FW Cisco asa and a l3 bridg...

Resolved! Scheduled reload

Hi. Quick one. If we schedule a reload, would all the siwtches in the stack reload? So if we add the command "Reload in 23:00" would that restart all switches in stack? Thank you

Bab L by Beginner
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PfRv3 on multiple cellular interfaces

Hi experts, I am in trouble with PfRv3 loadbalancing implementation.  Given the three independent cellular uplink, with three DMVPN cloud in one spoke router. What bandwidth parameter should I apply under the cellular interfaces on the branch devic...

jonagyula by Beginner
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Cisco 800 series - Slow internet?

Hi everyone, So recently our company has purchased a Cisco C881. I've loaded CP Express on it just in case because I'm still learning to work with the CLI. I've configured a static WAN interface (fixed speed at 100Mbps Full Duplex) just like on our ...

BurakOzkan by Beginner
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[ISR4k] performance license

Hi, CSC: Quick question regarding an ISR Performance and its Performance License. For example, if we look at ISR4321, the DS says this box has 2 expected performance levels: 50Mbps and 100Mbps.Are these levels enforced in any fashion, meaning that th...

my ip public don't receive ping and my ip lan

Ping same range red Router#ping Type escape sequence to abort.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:.....Success rate is 0 percent (0/5)Router#ping Type escape sequence to abort.Sending 5, 100-by...

lcr412001 by Beginner
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