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Hello,I have a problem with configuration of our VLAN network with our VoIP provider.We have set-up Cisco Router C860 with a P2P connection between us on VLAN 1467 with host on our side on and their side which works perf...

mjCompany by Beginner
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Bonjour S'il vous plait, je souhaiterais savoir si le Routeur Cisco 897VA est compatible avec port SFP base 1000 LX  si oui, comment le configurer pour le WAN avec ces informations settings:           Full duplexSpeed 1000Mb/sAutoneg OFF (si vous lai...

rabhinb by Beginner
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Hi experts, It was long time ago when I studied BGP, and these days I was doing a lab and got some issues related with the BGP router-id. I found this post: says "The ...

Dear community,We intend to purchase a C8200L supporting PIM interface with P-LTEA-EA module, The licenses we ordered are : C8000-HSEC, DNA-P-T1-E-3Y, SVS-PDNA-T1-E3Y, NWSTACK-T1-E, SDWAN-UMB-ESS and DNAC-ONPREM-PFDoes the above licenses enough for: ...

Hi all,Hopefully someone can help me out. I have a 5515x running and clients using AnyConnect to VPN in. Connected to this ASA is the link to Express Route and we're advertising (BGP) subnets from the ASA to Express Route, they all work however peopl...

AaronF by Beginner
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How to determine which next hop interface should be used for configuring default static route on any router if it is connected to multiple routers at its various interfaces? Also, how to choose next hop for configuring static route for any destinatio...

Sagar4 by Beginner
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Hello community,I have a question regarding default gateway. If L2 switch (the same applies to L3 switch & Router with disabled routing and any other host with IP which can't route) doesn't have default gateway configured, how it will reply to packet...

Hello, I am learning the EIGRP basics in GNS3 and have added loopback interfaces and interfaces gi0/0 into the EIGRP AS. During establishing adjacency, I notice that the EIGRP update packet sent by R2 has a next-hop ip Can someone explain w...

topology.png multicast packet.png
schmidtjoe by Beginner
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Hello My Assignment is: Use traceroute and debug (standby) commands to verify your network functionality. So I use the command debug ip icmp. After that traceroute IP). The port is unreachable. But if I use "ping 221.221....

Screenshot 2023-02-10 135927.png Kevin18_0-1676034315009.png Kevin18_1-1676034409019.png
Kevin18 by Beginner
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