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I just want to make sure I understand properly, once a BGP neighbor is established, do these neighbors immediately start exchanging routes currently present in their BGP table without any sort of redistribution or "network" commands? For instance, th...

Hello,  I am not sure I understand what Solarwinds is reporting so many CPUs and some of those CPUs are in high utilization. Knowing that the NX7009 with 2 SUPs comes with only 8 CPUs. See attachment.  Can someone explain to me why we're seeing so ...

zekebashi by Level 4
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I have created new interface Dialer 2 on the router Cisco 3825. I have associate same with Fastethernet port. A virtual Access interface has been crated for same automatically.  However Dialer 2 interface not getting IP address from Modem. There is a...

Hi All, I am using iPerf to do a speed test and using a window size of 1Mb . I can see that iPerf makes an initial connection without using the scaling flag and that is then finished. It makes a second connection this time with scaling flag set whi...

cisco8887 by Level 2
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Resolved! ip rip advertise

In the configuration of serial interface, there is "ip rip advertise 5". I think this is the default command. I want to know what exactly means. I assume this is related on rip information advertise period. I couldn't find the infomation related this...

wingu by Level 1
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Hello I'm a student currently having a course on data communication and such, and we're currently building a network in GNS3 that contains Frame Relay routing among other things as practice I'm having problems with DLCI however and i can't understan...

Hi Expert,  I have a Cisco Router and i want to enable IPTV multicast stream from interface VLAN 100. The aim is to replace my ISP box by a cisco router,  I have identified an issue  With Wireshark I have a trace with the ISP Box and we can see IGMP ...

Hi, We have CME version 10.5 in our Main branch with 100 SIP lines from service provider.We are opening a remote branch at a different location where we want to use the existing SIP lines from main branch to make outgoing calls and we also want 4-di...

We are testing a EoMPLS VC type 5 / Ethernet vc in our lab on VSS setup and not able to pass traffic.  The VSS is Sup2T (15 + code) and we have a single AC connected to switch 2 of the VSS.. with switch 1 currently having the active sup in the system...

Resolved! QoS and routers

Hi, I have a client that have VOIP on several sites over a MPLS network. In their branch offices, they have cisco 2911/2951 with some QoS configuration. They talk to phone servers over the MPLS to a data center that have ASR 1000 routers at edge. P...

Vinny by Level 1
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The Internet is full of articles advising that NetFlow v5 does not support 'ip flow egress' but I think this must be incorrect or outdated? I have configured a Cisco 7200 with only 'ip flow egress' enabled (on WAN) with NetFlow version 5 and the flow...

We have an odd situation at work where we would like to restrict an ospf neighbor in one area to only to be able to advertise a certain route. It's for an anycast scenario where an ospf process on a linux machine (not owned by the network team) needs...

Don Maker by Level 1
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Hi, In my cisco 1841 router the below logs came contionously. Can u anyone tell me the solution.LOG:*Aug 16 10:08:23.800 India: %GT96K_FE-5-LATECOLL: Late Collision on int  FastEthernet0/1*Aug 16 10:08:24.048 India: %GT96K_FE-5-LATECOLL: Late Collisi...

kumarpmt83 by Level 1
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