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Resolved! BGP AS path prepending---NO EXPORT :)

Hi All, Could you please highlight does below route map make sense. We have applied below route-map on bgp nei in live working environmant towards Amazon Services.  As per my knowledge...prefix matched & prepended with AS path...but then set with no-...

Netflow in FlexVPN issue

Hi All, After implementing a FlexVPN, i have an issue with Netflow. All  my ISR G2 routers are sending flows from not only configured interface, but also all DVTI as shown on attached photo. Is there a way to stop routers sending netflow from DVTI ? ...

802.1Q VLAN Trunk Configuration

I think there are 2 ways 802.1Q VLAN Trunk Configuration as following. My understanding is just configuration is different but function is same, and [Pattern 1] is used for L3 port, and [Pattern 2] is used for L2 port. Does my understanding is correc...

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GRE multicast between 2 sites already connected with MPLS

We have 2 sites connected with MPLS : HK --- Router 3850 -- VLAN 107 ( ------- MPLS router ( --------------MPLS---                                                                                                           --...

BGP CE-PE WAN Routing for Same AS MPLS

Hi all, what will be the troubleshooting steps for CE PE Wan IP Routing for Same AS number. 1) i am unable to ping CE Wan Ip from router 2) i am unable to ping PE Wan IP from router 3) i can ping CE, PE WAN from Router but not accessible Internet.i...

Resolved! Can't access ccp express through browser

Hello, I just got done install 3 new routers, 2911, and two 1941's. Two of the three routers I can access ccpexpress through my browser. There is one of the 1941's that I can't, no login, nothing but "Page can't be displayed". I can telnet into all ...

Resolved! OSPD LSA type 3 show .255 in last octet

Hi guys, I having a backbone area with 2 ABRs (R4 & R1) summarizing and respectively. /24 is a subnet is in another area while /23 is created with "area range" command. When R5 received the LSAs it shows link ID as 155....

IWAN help needed.

Folks, I need some help with relation to IWAN. We have a dew routers which I wanted to ensure that they would support IWAN feature with additional licenses. 1) Cisco 3825 (this will not) 2) Cisco 3845 (this will not) 3) Cisco 3945 (with additional li...

Cisco 1921 (IP SLA + PBR + 3xWAN + FailOver)

Hi Cisco Support, Got a beauty here would love you to look at. I have the following configuration which takes advantage of the new "MATCH TRACK" feature in ROUTE-MAP. This feature from what I understand is meant to only use the ROUTE-MAP if the MATC...