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Hi  I have WS-C4948-10GE ( cat4500-entservicesk9-mz.150-2.SG4.bin ) and I want to limit the internet download bandwidth that reach to subnet xx.107.50.128/25  , interface TenGigabitEthernet1/49 is the interface from ISP side , but with the below con...

I've been experimenting with 6rd tunnels. Using a template I got from somewhere, I configured the following tunnel. interface Tunnel1001 no ip address no ip redirects ipv6 address 2001:1001:666F:726D::1/60 tunnel source GigabitEthernet0/1.1001 tunn...

netopia by Beginner
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hello, a while back we upgraded our cable isp to 50/10Mb setup at one of our remote offices. Since then our performance thru the Cisco 2801 has been pretty abysmal. Sometimes we can get 40 down but never more than 1Mb up. Sometimes, the download will...

maloyal by Beginner
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In our production network, we have a MPLS VPN for the remote office and recently we just deployed an ASA NGFW as an edge firewall and I want to create a backup S2S VPN if the MPLS link goes down. So I tried labbing it up and my configuration seems ...

anon3776 by Beginner
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In simple network as below Sw1----------R1-----------Sw2 Sw1 switch1 is connected with Sw2 switch through a R1 router. Suddenly Sw2 path broken but Sw1 getting Ping command successfully. Want to know the reason why is getting successful ping as pat...

We are going to have new data Circuit and the termination handover is G703 Unframed E1 service and i have vwic2-1mft-t1/e1 Card on my 2800 series router.I have the following questions1) How to configure ip on this interface is it same as RJ45 or any ...

datamodule by Beginner
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Dear All, I am setting the IP SLA ICMP jitter operation on 3845 router with the following configuration, ip sla 1 icmp-jitter source-ip num-packets 100 frequency 30 ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now ip sla reaction-...

Hi, I have a situation where two Nexus 7k boxes are running iBGP and contain a significant number of host routes which are present due to a migration from one platform to another, as well as to provide IP mobility to the downstream segments. These ...

mmelbourne by Contributor
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Hi Guys, I did port forward for Fortigate inside my 2951 Internet gateway but when I use my public IP it sends me to the Internet Gateway not to Fortigate Firewall! here is my configuration int gig0/0 ip address XXXXXX ip nat enable Ip nat outside...

I find in my ISP router, there are two public IP defined for VLAN1 and IP defined under G1/3, why we have two public ip, can we have only one public ip? now I need to setup my checkpoint,for external ethnet, I should use 116...