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The exact commands given where CMERouter1#configCMERouter1(config) #interface vlan 1                                                ^% Invalid input detected at '^' marker. The setup for the vlan database names worked fine but when I did aCMERouter1(...

sintel001 by Beginner
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Hi all,I'm a Korean engineer and I have problem,,, so I posted this issue. Was WIC-1T NOT supported on CISCO 2801?Actually, at first time, The LED on WIC-1T was light on,But, taking cable from WIC-1T, and after time goes by about 10 minutes, I insert...

Hi, I have one Cisco 1905 router with TWO MPLS link and need to do load balancing between two link. As i read some document and understand that i need to do PBR and Access List. So am i right?As per understand, I need to define two Static default gat...

KR SHAH by Beginner
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Hi Team, Needed some advice hereWe have one scenario in which we are using Cisco 3900 series router and some how router got corrupted. We tried using tftpnld for loading the IOS again and we are not able to load the IOS. I'm thinking of using XMODEM ...

Hello community,I need to downgrade CSS 11501 software from to used the command: # upgrade "sg0820303.adi"After reboot I have:CSS11501# sho verVersion:               sg0820303 ( (Locked): ...

15c5a2521 by Beginner
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Guys,If I have WAN load balancing on my router with 2 links only using default routes to those gateways . Buf it one of the links is not reliable and dropping packets frequently, will the dropped packets from that link be resent again on the second l...