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Resolved! CEF running low

Hi, Somedays ago I had a problem with my router ASRK9. It made a traffic drop on all interfaces, I was watching the log and I see this: LC/0/1/CPU0:Sep 22 10:34:59.456 : fib_mgr[164]: %ROUTING-FIB-4-RSRC_LOW : CEF running low on DATA_TYPE_TABLE_SET r...

Route Redistribution

 We are curently redistributiong routes between eigrp to bgp and bgp to eigrp in our routers, 1st router being primary and the 2nd router as backup with below configuration :Primary Router ==== Router eigrp x network network

Trouble in Syslog Validation (send log)

I am doing a project to to capture the Syslog from the switches and routers, so for most of devices i can generate the syslog by giving the command " send log" and so that i would receive the same locally as well in the tool.Note : These devices are ...

Nitzbegin by Beginner
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Help with Netflow on Cisco DSL router

Hello, Im using Neflow on various routers and VPNs, but I need to configure Netflwo on a router and send the Neflow data over the internet to our Neflow server.  I've created a NAT our our ASA to accept traffic on a public IP and NAT to the inside IP...

Andy White by Participant
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VPN and BGP selection

I have two routers connected to each other via an eBGP protocol. They are also connected by IPSec/GRE ,I want that IPSec/GRE link to be only used when the eBGP link breaks down.So under normal circumstances only eBGP should be used.ThanksCan someone ...

hamza3244 by Beginner
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IPV6 Multicast Listener storm control?

I am seeing issues with IPV6 multicast storms in my network that are fairly low volume (1-2mbit), but that are causing service disruptions due to CPU load on the switches and that the network is a Point to MultiPoint wireless network.I have about 500...

Assigning a static IP address to a router within private network

Here is my current topology: ISP Modem --------------------(fa0/0) R1 fa(0/1)-----------------S1-----------------------(fa0/0) R2   (fa 0/1)---------------S2                                       ...

Sean Devo by Beginner
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How to route traffic to a static public IP address on my private network

Here is my topology:ISP Modem ---------------- (gig0/0) Cisco Router (gig0/1) -----------------Cisco Switch--------------------Server                                                        ...

Sean Devo by Beginner
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