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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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I have a Hub-and-Spoke system, and I am being asked a question I don't have an immediate answer to!  If I have 2 (or more) spokes connecting using DMVPN to a single Hub, I know that dynamicaly-created tunnels between the spokes are set up as they are...

Hi Friends,Need some of your thoughts regarding this scenario. I have a WAN1 CE router running BGP as exterior protocol and ospf as internal (With core switch). I have redistributed the static default route into core switch  ospf process and the WAN1...

Hello everybody. i need some help.. i never worked with STM 1 technology. i just studied the concept of SDH/PCH.. but now i have a challenge , i need transport SMT1 circuit over MPLS using ATOM.. what hardware i need to do this? TELECO => STM 1 ROUTE...

Hi there,I am currentlyworking on a Site-to-Site VPN deployment that is suppose to failover between aprimary ISP and Secondary ISP link. Such that when the primary link fails, iVPN tunnel should be setup with the backup link as seen in the config bel...

Hi everyone, I have a RV042 router with the following topology:WAN Interface (Radio) with a private IP address: 10.53.X.X/30LAN Interface (Ethernet) with a public IP address: 200.35.X.X/29 I'm trying to NAT the inside traffic through the WAN Interfac...

Hello Guys, We're in a process of refreshing a network and one of the things is to keep the old network running as we transition into the new one.Now my question is:We're running EIGRP AS 1 on our core routers right now, we plan to use a different AS...

sagarshah3 by Level 1
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Dear Team, Is there any way to configure time based QOS in Cisco Router as I need to control some traffic in my business hours only. Regards,Jubair Salim

jubair151 by Level 1
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Hi, The Cisco document entitled "EIGRP Prefix Limit Support ( references a "neighbor maximum-prefix" command that that "limits the number of prefixes that are accepted from the...

ageorgan1 by Level 1
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Hi I try to protect the Mgmt Interface of Cat4500E and 4900M, unfortunately it seems we cannot assigne a ingress service-policy on the managementinterface because its no HW switched Interface.Next try was to use CoPP, but it seems packets which arriv...

We had a sonicwall to cisco vpn configured between two sites that was functioning with no issues.The business at the cisco side decided to remove some of their public IP address's in order to save money.This resulted in the ISP removing the public IP...

Robert324 by Level 1
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