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QoS without Shape statement Query

Hi Experts,Am trying to get my head around a conundrum regarding QoS.To be specific please see below. int s1/0dsu bandwidth 10000service-policy output TEST1 policy-map TEST1  class voice    priority    police cir 3000000      conform-action transmit ...

etherchannel trunk with two cisco switch

Hi, my company using only one Cisco 3750 switch with VLAN1,2,3,4,5. Now my company bought another cisco switch and we would like to etherchannel trunk between both and create new VLAN in new switch.  We look over from partner, some of them suggested ...

alan-wong by Beginner
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Which ios version should i be using ?

Which ios version should i be using for my 2610 & 2611 routers. I was told they have been sitting since 2003. Thanks for any help.The current version is:Router>sh versionCisco Internetwork Operating System SoftwareIOS (tm) C2600 Software (C2600-IK9O3...

Cisco CEF

Hi This a general query I want to know about CEF. As I understood CEF is kind of switching technology used in router for faster processing as it is ASIC hardware ... it's works on wire speed. have two tables..... FIBand adjancency table whi...

Resolved! Routing from interface to VLAN

Guys, I have a reasonably simple setup in which our two Offices are connected via an MPLS network. Then from Office 2 we have lots of VPN (Easy VPN) connections to remote sites. Now Office 1 can not connect (ping or otherwise) to any of the Remote Si...

Router CRC error and IP conflict

Hi All,I just setup my Cisco router 1921/K9 router via lease line. I managed to reach both end using ping command via local network. After an hour, my local LAN with different subnet starting to act weird, IP conflict error message pop up on the scre...

ASR 1002 management interface

Has anyone noticed any physical problems with the management interface on the ASR line (1002 in particular)?We move the cable just a small amount, and the link light goes out.Logical config/setup is correct.  We've burned through a pile of cables, sa...

hiersd by Beginner
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hwic not supported

i replace a 1941 router last night due to some constant reboot.after powering up the router, i discover that the hwic card is not showing *Aug 25 15:24:33.055: %MAINBOARD-1-UNKNOWN_WIC: wic card in location 0/0 has an unknown id 0x71B  Cisco CISCO194...

yeow_km by Beginner
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