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Hi! I have a router with two E1 PRI, so I have a many mesage on the console like "%ISDN-6-CONNECT: Interface Serial0/0/0:17 is now connected to" and "%ISDN-6-DISCONNECT: Interface Serial0/0/1:6 disconnected from". This message make me problem with d...

paa by Beginner
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Hi,Have a working VSS with 2 x 4500X's - Testing failover on them, and notice when I disconnect the VSL link, the standby swich reboots - Is this expected behaviour? (dual-active scenario?)sw1-standby>*Mar 24 16:02:28.837: %VSLP-3-VSLP_LMP_FAIL_REASO...

hi expert, seeking your great advice on the below scenario:I work in small ISP and we provide internet over DSL and point to point internet as well.We have a cisco SCE in which we use to control customers bandwidth and monitoring. The thing we are fa...

Hello,I want to monitor my ISP modem, it is a Cisco EPC3010: the documentation says that: Quote:Remote manageability using SNMP V1/V2 and V3I can ac...

hello,we have a ppp over atm link connected router with dialer 0 interface and virtual-access1 clone of it because of ppp connection.You can see the configuration below;interface Dialer0 description VAE_DSL_primary ip address negotiated ip mtu 1300 e...

ilkerkaya by Beginner
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I am trying to work on a DMVPN solution. It has abut 10 spokes and 3 Hubs. Hub1 and Hub2 are located in the same location(Say SIngapore). Hub-3 is located at a different location(say USA).I am trying to achieve failover between the 3 Hubs. All the 3 ...

Dear all, I got a problem regarding encryption, and I am not sure how I should focus on the problem. I do not have that much of experience in the encryption world.I got a WAN network (sharing the same IP Address/bcast domain). There are 4 locations a...

lupobcn83 by Beginner
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I have a LAB scenario to discuss with you if you can assist me to figure it out the correct IPs to uses.Environment: Site A (LAN 1) ==> Connected with a Switch (Running MS Server 2012 R2)Site B (LAN 2) ==> Connected with a Switch. (Running MS Server ...

amh4y0001 by Participant
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Not sure if this is the correct place for this question or ont...Is there a way we can tell what the manufacture date is on a Cisco product?                  

dtom by Beginner
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We had an issue at a Remote Site where tenants needed to connect to their corporate site using a VPN connection We have Meraki APs providing DHCP in the subnet which overlapped with their network so I reconfigured the ASA with a "guest" VLAN...

Hii allregarding port do we decide whether it is frm source side or destination side??wont it be.for eg. telnet communication on both sides?? access-list 101 deny tcp host host10.1.1.1 eq 23how will it change and what will it mean...