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Hi All, We would like to clarify one doubt about ASR903 routers: Does it have support for netflow/flexible netflow?We are trying to configure this netflow/flexible netflow but it is not working properly on this platform. On ASR1000 platform the same ...

Hello guys,I'm working on a routing lab to set up PBR between two sites with line protocol and ip sla tracking.What I like to do exactly, is to track the status of an interface (a loopback interface that is used just to force a path instead of anothe...

We have 2 Cisco router with two separate ISP. Also, two ASA firewall is centralised one and we are manually adding static routes in ASA.But now need to enable auto failover.What and all the possibilities plz...   RegardsShashank.S

Hi all,I'm in a situation that i must stretch l2 between datacenters for server migration purposes.Current:Location1 - stretch network - LocationNEWThe first location is running RPVST+. The migration network (Cisco4900M switches) we also configured f...

geutjess1 by Level 1
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Dear All,             I am having a confusion regarding the system's startup config.The Startup config for the Switch is saved in the flash as Config.text. But why isn't this Config.text not present in the routers flash?? and also if not in the flash...

Im trying to achieve load balancing with 2 ISP's, cable (dhcp) and ADSL. I have a cisco 2821 router with an HWIC-1ADSLI module.LAN is a single C class subnet. I have tried following this cisco advisory to the letter:

Today users reported that network services were down.  The end user equipment is connected as such: PC>Cisco Phone>Catalyst 3850 /w PoE.  The switch is a 24 port switch. When the issue occurred all the phones were dark/powered off.  Network hosts tha...

Hi everyone,I'm having BGP configured on a pair of 6880-X in VSS, and we are peering with 3 peers and 2 AS. For a while now, I noticed that while our inbound are somewhat LB between 2 peers (on on each AS, i'm not sure why the 2nd peer on the same AS...

HIeu Phan by Level 1
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