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Resolved! Static route next-hop

Hello,I had setup a static route in a complex network to influence the path it would take. I decided to use the loopback address of the destination router (which is 2-3 hops away), not the next hop. It was by complete accident that I did this (but se...

Can traceroute, but I can't ping?

Attached is a view of the topology. What the topoology doesn't show is there are also two PVCs connecting R3->R2 and R1->R4. Each interface on these diagnals have IP 10.1.100.X; where X is the router number. This may be familiar to some because it is...

Please help troubleshoot TZO DDNS

Hello,I am trying to configure TZO DDNS on my 1941.  The DDNS lines in the configuration file were provided one year ago by TZO support for a 1811W router, which was working befor i migrated to the 1941.  I have attached a config file and a debug fil...

Connecting router to the WAN

Hi All,As part of my design for a college course I have been asked to 'spec' the routers and also decide on what technology the data will be delivered on such as broadband or fibre however I need some guidance as I am very unsure if my understanding ...

IPSEC VPN - no internet traffic

Hello, I am trying to do the following: get the VPN established, but cant access internet from my client. I want to get my public IP on ...

JaredDale by Beginner
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Connectivity and communication Solution Required comprising ASA 5510, 2960 switches, 2911 routers

what we have: 2 routers 2911 2 switches 2960 2 hp proliant servers one is named TCM, one is named FDM, 1 cisco  ASA Firewall device we have three networks coming in: one network containing TCM and FDM servers, one totally different network named siem...

Resolved! Help me in BGP concepts

Dear All,I hope every one in a good condition , kindly i need an assistance as i am a beginner in CCNP routing so i need to understand many of things , i have uploaded a topology made by GNS3 which had done by me but i need to understand why R1 can't...

Amr Ali by Beginner
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NVRAM Error...

Hi,I'm Getting Error in router from NVRAM while accessing below command in privilge 6 login.RT01#show startup-configUsing 7328 out of 262136 bytes%Error opening nvram:/startup-config (Permission denied)RT01#The error not observed while executing the ...