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Hi All,I am not sure if I am posting this is in the right place, however I have limited options to post my questions.I have done CCNA (R&S), and I no longer work on networking only, I am working on a role that is more storage dominant and requires me...

Hi,I have this situation(generic topology):router1 ---- Cisco7600 ----router2router 1 communicates with router2 via router Cisco 7600. Normaly all traffic through Cisco 7600 is hardware switched.This Cisco 7600 has sup720 3BXL (IOS 12.2(33)SRE6) and ...

Hello,I have following cisco catalyst switches and running OSPF.3750G (C3750-ADVIPSERVICESK 12.2(25)SED1)3750X (C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M 15.0(1)SE3)3850 (cat3k_caa-universalk9 03.02.01.SE)They are all connected through L2 WAN (192.168.40.x/24 star topolo...

Does anyone know what the Packets Per Second Rating is with FAST CEF Switching on the RP1 or RP2 route processor? I may be wrong but I was under the assumption that the ESP cards will add a second option to the ASR series for more powerful routing.. ...

Hi all,I have a router connected to internet and a private LAN 192.168.5.X. Now all the trafic of my LAN have NAT to Internet side:Interface dialer 1 IP NAT Outside.Interface FE0/1   IP NAT INSIDEaccess-list 101 permit ip any anyip nat inside source ...

ciscolover by Beginner
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Hi all,We lost some SAN disk, which meant we had to fail over to our DR site. Our web servers was brought up, and now they were communicating over OTV with the SQL server cluster (which was not affected). The response was horrible, and with wireshark...

Is there a Cisco product that is similar in price/performance/features to the Meraki MX400? I am looking for an edge device that does site-to-site VPN, IDS, Firewall, and content filtering with at least 1Gb throughput.

nkillgore by Beginner
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I have set up a VPN ipsec tunnel to a customer for a proof of concept.Our server address is but they want to 'see' our server as I have set up static NAT so they see the address they want. As this NATed address needs to go ac...

Hi.We have configured the route-reflector feature, but the "loop prevention" mechanism is still supressing multiple routes to the same destination."By default, all internal BGP (iBGP) speakers in an autonomous system must be fully meshed, and neighbo...

bjornarsb by Enthusiast
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