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Query related to Telepresence QoS

Hi All,Wonder if someone has experience on QoS configuration specific to CTS Telepresence and able to answer on my below query :********************************** I am trying to understand how can we check the QoS configuration applied on CTS's :- If...

Resolved! AUX - Cisco 1841

Howdy,I've a Cisco 1841 with both WAN ports in use FE 0/0 FE 0/1First FE 0/0 has a MPLS connection with my internet provider. 2MB/2MB DL/ULSecond FE 0/1 Has an internal MPLS with one of our server storage provider. 1MB/1MB DL/ULThe thing is, I have a...

Resolved! Router 2951 with Multilink ppp

We just fired up a new 2951 with 7-T-1's and the lantency is just horrible. We have called the telco and they say they see no errors, but when we ping and tracert we hot 1000ms to 3000ms to our MPLS network. Also when we hit the multilink serial MPLS...

ddevecka by Beginner
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Resolved! why OSPF / LSA

Hi experts               i am reading some doc about OSPF and i am wondering why they have the idea to make different types of LSA? .   is it only to be able to filter the ip routing table from external routes ?

ohassairi by Contributor
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Input Drops Increasing in Switch Port

Hi,I'm seeing input queue drops increasing in cisco WS-C6509. What could be the reason,Is it bcoz of any qos issue?#sh int g1/5 | in drop  Input queue: 0/2000/1285737/0 (size/max/drops/flushes); Total output drops: 0interface GigabitEthernet1/5 no ip...

Ajay Raj by Beginner
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Trunk from Switch 2960x Gog port to Server having 1000BaseT NIC but Trunk auto speed is a-100 why???

Hi all,I have scenario I connected my Cisco 2960x-24Gig switch with a server hace 1000BaseT NIC and configure a  switch port as a trunk with on mode...trunk is working but the  trunking is  at a-100 speed i didnt assign any any manual speed on either...

Help for C3825 system crash!!

Here's the 3825 log sesstionplease help me for find problem!after crash , i have upgrade the rommon because the old rommon cannot read flash in rommon modebut when i upgrade the rommon to the newest versionit was also can not read flashand i upgrade ...

Controlling Where SSH enters

I am interested and only allow SSH traffic from entering from a lan interface and not my outside public facing interface.  I am noticiing random user accounts with the show users account.  I see the ip address that it comes from.  they only show bein...

MPLS TE bandwidth

If RSVP and MPLS TE doesnt actually reserve any bandwidth in hardware(i.e data plane) of the box and doesnt do any qos.  Then what happens if TE with reserved bandwidth of 50 mbps is sending out of data at rate of 100 mbps, and their is another TE tr...

tbatth by Beginner
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Clock Settings on Multiple PTP T1's

We have used many Point-to-Point T1's in the past, where one end was bonded in a DS3.  I am setting up 2 T1's right now that are truely point-to-point.  They are working, but I have a question.  I'm not sure if I have my clock set up correctly.  Here...

Couple of 2951 Questions

Hi,I was wondering, if I get the PoE switch module for a 2951, will I need a different image than c2951-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M2.bin to be able to configure and use it?  Also, is the 4G WAN module backwards compatable with 3G?More sh ver output fr...