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Can someone explain to me if adding on the HSEC license to the 4000 series increases the encrypted and unencrypted throughput on the 4321, 4331 and 4331 routers?   I have interpreted the below info from the FAQ to mean that the basic throughput is a ...

Hi, this is my very simple topology in VIRL: IOSvL2 (running IP routing) <-----trunk with VLANs allowed + Native VLAN----> IOSvL2 (NO IP routing) <----> 2 hosts on different VLANs The interfaces connecting the hosts are standard issue access ports wi...

Hello fellow people. I got a question about Cisco Packet Tracer.If i have a pc, switch and router, how do i find the ip addresses/vlan/fastethernet etc on them?, how does it work exactly? Because our teacher showed us a method to find the different s...

Resolved! Dual-Stack BGP

Trying to learn BGP and I'm attempting to lab up some Multiprotocol BGP and I'm having a problem because my Routers are only sharing their IPv6 routes, not the IPv4 routes. Can someone please let me know if I've misconfigured something?    R1 int f1...

I am in need of some fine tunning on my QoS and CoPP configurations. I have a remote ISR router and I need to prioritize traffic to/from my subnet over a 10Mbps Ethernet WAN connection. Here is what I have so far: ip access-list extended...

Resolved! SSH Connection

Hi all, I have some routers that we connect via ssh to the Loopback0, I would like to know via what interface I'm connect to this Loopback. I did a show ip arp and show mac address and my mac-address is not showing. thanks.

Resolved! Nat translation

Hi I have this nat PKT to troubleshoot - it's very similar to a pkt file I posted the other day. I created the access list and I can see with the statistics command that I am only getting the translations if I ping from the server to the pc. From pc ...

lucad7846 by Beginner
  • 12 replies
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Hi, I just wander if somebody could help me to understand IP Precedence configuration on Cisco ISR. Basically following Cisco documentation (

Resolved! BGP Discussion

While in discussion we are unable to conclude why BGP is Application layer protocol?? We know it uses tcp port number 179 and when tcp is used it should be transport layer protocol. Any good documented answers?

NickAjay by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Wan protocols

"The routers should be using the CISCO default layer 2 WAN protocol" Which protocol is the default layer 2 WAN? Now I am a bit puzzled. Does the above statement means I should use a default route between routers with known ip addresses? I actually es...

lucad7846 by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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Hi all,First time posting, so I apologize if I forget any info. I've ran into a big of a snag while trying to set up a secondary ISP on my network. We've been having issues with our main ISP for a while now, so we got an AT&T circuit brought in as a ...

Hi, I need help, I have a router 7200 Software (C7200P-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(15)T17, and after a power failure in the area it did not turn on anymore, what would be the fault?

RJAS27 by Beginner
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I'm having a DHCP problem with a configuration I know should work. Currently I have an ASA 5505 sitting in front of my ISP's wireless router. Int VLAN1 is DHCP client getting an IP address from my ISP. and int VLAN2 is DHCP server giving the ISP's wi...

Hello everyone! I'm working on a lab and I can't connect my wireless router to a pc. It seems that there is just no link between the router and the switch.My lab says that I should have a wireless router with the following settings:SSID - testChannel...

Dasha by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Hello All I would like to extend the ip address range for the router, but not working like i though it would. ip dhcp pool Poolimport allnetwork gleamnsdns-server 0...

scsawyer by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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