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QOS CIR Issues

   I am having issues applying the service policy on a serial interface. I am getting the following error:The present CIR value is 5. Configured Percent results in out of range kbps.Allowed range is 8-2000000.The present CIR value is 5.The bandwidth ...

Routing between VRFs on Nexus 7k

I want to create following setup, wanted to know that how is this achievable3 VRF on nexus 7k and all VRFs connected to each other in following manner through virtual firewall contextsN7K-VRF1----FW-CONTEXT1----N7K-VRF2---FW-CONTEXT2-----N7KVRF3     ...

Resolved! Static Routing Issue on Cisco 887VA-M-k9

Hello Community,I'm having a weird issue with static routing on the Companies Cisco Router. Essentially nothing is being passed through from what I can tell.Im unable to remote in or even email the exchange server its all blocked.. =(Can any one plea...

No connectivity in 2911 router

HiI am connected to my internet with WAN Interfacegig0/0 interfaceip add 62.x.x.x fullspeed autoLAN interfacegig0/1ip add 10.x.x.x fullspeed 100   ( i am keeping the speed 100 because it is connected in switc...

Cisco 2921 Problems

Hello im getting the following problem each time i restart the router %Mainboard-2-initfail: read failure - device @ 0xA8It does trows a lot of this erros and then restarts again making a clycle of the problem i have no clue what is going on.

Replacing 6509s as edge routers.

We have two 6509 will active/passive sup 720-3BXL cards in each and 1GB DRAM. Each handles full bgp  routing table with 4-5 ISP(eBGP) connections. The problem we are facing is.. 6509 were meant for core/aggregation and seam to be wasted are edge devi...

shardulsk by Beginner
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Resolved! WAN Config Blank on 857w

My client has an 857w, but although the site for the SDM express loads, the Internet WAN page always shows as blank.  We need access to this to alter the ISP.On IOS 12.4(6)T5Telnet access appears to work and shows the details.   

Excess burst size allocation in CAR

Friends,Normal burst size defines the size of token bucket which is the amount of data that can be sent in a given time interval.Excess burst size defines  the amount of data that can be sent if no tokens are available in bucket per time interval. Th...

fiber ring topology

Dear allThere are 20 nodes which want to connect to eachother in fiber optic ring topology the issue is that service provider just with one pair core (only)the issue is I dont is this possib le weith regualt cisco switch or I should use CWDM ??please...

ASA 5505/5510 VPN routing problem

Hi,I have quite a complicated problem which im desperate for some help with:                   Users dialling into my 5505 at one site cannot ping the subnets 192.168.32.x or 192.168.38.x however users dialling into the 5510 site can ping the 192.168...

High Availability InterSite

Hi,I need to configure high availability between two sites, today the traffic to Internet from the network A is routed to CoreA, then the CoreA send the traffic to Router A and through a static default route the traffic is sent to Internet. Now a new...

throughput through private line

Hi, we have one OC-24 private line between our data centers. we are looking to get best throughput but we get max. avg throughput of 300Mbps with peaks of 800Mbps throughput. i.e. we transfered 2TB of data over this link and we got average throughput...

gavin han by Beginner
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